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    LC4 or tagged SXC ?

    Don't forget the SXC does NOT have a cush hub which is an expensive but, necessary upgrade if you plan on lots of road miles.
  2. BlitzBike

    Florida Riding

    Anybody who has lived anywhere else will tell ya that South Florida is too damn flat and full of sugar sand and DEEP swamps to be much good unless you got a rich friend with a lot of land and a bull dozer. North of Orlando gets better but there still is not much in the way of elevation changes until you hit the panhandle. I like woods riding and trails and have no interest in payin the big bucks at a track that should be going in my gas tank to get hurt by young turks who aren't financially liable for any damage they cause me. But, what irks me the most is that much of the year its too hot and humid to wear proper protection. Seattle might rain a bit but, I think you're gonna be depressed when you compare the riding scenario down here. South of Orlando, The gulf coast is better than the atlantic coast by far but, having lived plenty of other places, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find a state with a worse trail riding scenario. Sorry to be so depressing but, anyone who thinks Florida riding is good has never lived elsewhere. P.S. Did I forget to mention all the flat tires you'll recieve at the trial heads form all the illegal dumping that takes place there?
  3. I have an after-market FCR41-Mx carb that has a different fuel screw thread pitch than what the stock bike carbs do Does anyone know where I can get a good quality fuel screw that will work with the aftermarket FCR? I'd rather skip the Kouba extension as I have lost three of them already from the vibes--(KTM LC4 640)