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  1. Fio

    XR650L highest miles

    My 03 L will have 10K on it by the weekend.
  2. Fio

    XR600R & XR650L sprocket part numbers

    So does the Xr600 sprocket have the rubber insert/center? And is it some kind of cush drive or just for spacing/vibration?
  3. Fio


    I am on the 405 between 5:00 and 5:30am between Fountain Valley and Long beach and you better be going at least 75 the carpool lane is impossible. Just hold on and keep your distance from those trucks.
  4. Fio

    Lake Elsinore???

    If you turn on A street going toward the train/trolley museum just pass the museum and keep going toward the eucalyptus tree line. This place has been around for years I am pretty sure its private property, but it gets packed with people and I have been going for more than 20 years, its OK for the kids when its not crowded. A lot of people illegally dump stuff out here like couches, TV's, refrigerators so watch the kids don't get into this stuff, its too bad people have to trash areas. The terrain mixed some hills little sand you can follow trails down to Canyon lake from here.
  5. Fio

    38 MPG L Model?

    I never really checked when the bike was stock, but now with a WB2 pipe and Dynojet kit plus 75mph fwy driving 30mi a day, I only get 36-38mpg. I also run 14/48 gears (I like to save the front tire rubber).
  6. Fio

    There seem to be a lot of lurkers

    There is nothing wrong with a big girl thats a comfortable ride.
  7. Fio

    Reincarnation of a XRL-as a tard

    Thanks Treadmarks, Awesome.
  8. Fio

    Reincarnation of a XRL-as a tard

    Treadmarks, Could you post some pics of your battery relocation mod? I have been dying to do this. Oh yeah, awesome looking tard. Fulvio
  9. Fio

    50/50 Tires

    I tried to get a Maxxis M6006 but in a 140/80/18 no one has one local to me, maybe I will just go with a 130. Muddin, does the 130 look much wider than the 120, I was looking for a wider tire than the 120 I had on the bike. Has anyone tried a Dunlop D908 looks more aggressive than the Maxxis M6006 but not as aggressive as the D606. The D908 seems kinda pricey though.
  10. Fio

    50/50 Tires

    Anyone recommend a good 50/50 or so tire. I have a 650L and do half of my driving on road and am looking for new skins.
  11. Fio

    Fuel tank question, riding on the street

    Have the same problem with my 650L and its IMS tank.
  12. Fio

    Tachometer on '06 650L

    Hey Husky123, what model Acewell tach do you have?
  13. Has anyone installed the XRs only rear rack for the XR650L? What did you think? Are there any other racks out there for the650L? Please post pics if possible. The pics on their website do not show the rack on a bike.
  14. Fio

    Maxxis M6006

    Thanks for the info guys Now I just have to find some one who carries the 140 size here in SO CAL.
  15. Fio

    Maxxis M6006

    Has anyone tried a Maxxis M6006 140/80x18 on a 650L? Will it fit? Or should I just go with a 130/80x18?