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  1. http://Www.usnicom.com/contact.asp anyone have experience with this company? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Thumper Talk
  2. what would you pay?
  3. ok thanks ill probly stick with the 100
  4. i got a new dunlop 773 110 rear tire and i was wondering if it would hurt or benifit the performance of my crf250? do you think it would put to much stress on the motor? will it hurt the handeling? if it matters i race motocross 125B class.
  5. yea i race there once this season and i took 3rd in 125 open
  6. i think u almost saved it but u had ur wrist all tweeked out and started swaping out and went over the bars:p
  7. i ride with one of the guys in this video at my local track 602 greg brooks it shows him going throught a corner:applause:
  8. ok thanks guys i emailed the guy and said to bring cash and havent heard back yet lol
  9. just buy a 2007 one cant even tell
  10. i never herd of this happening befor
  11. well if it gose through and they pick it up i dont think thats a problem
  12. what if the cashiers check gose though then what?
  13. i rescently put two bikes up for sale on thumper talk and i have never sold a bike online and within 2 days i got an offer on each and there from people over seas and their sending me a cashiers check and when i recive it their shipper will come pick it up from me. so is this the correct process and has any one had similar experiances?
  14. nice my new destop