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  1. lengosi

    replacement air filter -- paper element

    That looks about right! Thanks for the K&N part numbers.
  2. I'm looking for an air filter element for my TTR-250. I ride it in the tropics, and oil soaked foam elements just disintegrate in no time... Is there a paper--or other--alternative out there? Partzilla lists the foam element as 1LN-14451-00-00, also compatible with the WR-250R/X. Thanks.
  3. lengosi

    GasGas 125 Pampera speed issues

    I'm just thinking back to my Yamaha DT100 days (circa 1980 :-O ), and it could do 100 km/h. Of course, my buddies on their 125s (CRs and YZs) would leave me in the dust... So I was hoping for a bit more from the GasGas 125. This is all the more surprising considering the gearing. There's a 38 tooth sprocket on the rear. I'm guessing there's about a 13T on the front (I didn't pull the cover off to check... ) But still, by rights it should have some legs. (By way of comparison, my TT-R 250 has a 44 tooth rear sprocket and it's good for 120 km/h plus; I know there are a heap of other variables involved, but I'm just comparing rear sprockets for the time being). I'm going on what I found in this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-936782.html.
  4. lengosi

    GasGas 125 Pampera speed issues

    Hey hawaiidirtrider, Yeah, this is a 4 stroke 125. Like the one I linked to in my first post. It does look like a Honda engine. Just thought it would have more top end. Thanks for the info, though!
  5. lengosi

    GasGas 125 Pampera speed issues

    Thanks for the link to the Gas Gas forum, jhendr3702. I'll ask there as well. Low end power seems fine. I'm not sure about the gearing...
  6. lengosi

    GasGas 125 Pampera speed issues

    I'm assuming the GasGas is an exotic... I'm helping a buddy with a 2007 125 Pampera. It sat for a while, so we've cleaned the carb, spark plug, and the air filter. It runs smooth, but I took it for a run and it tops out at 60 km/h (~ 40 mph) at redline in 5th... I'm thinking it should be good for a bit more speed. Any ideas? Are we dealing with ridiculously low gearing? Thanks for any suggestions, Paul
  7. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Thank you, that was very helpful (unlike Br*sbane dealers, as you note). I think I'm finally beginning to make sense of it... And actually the bike (and all my riding) is in Solomon Islands--I'm just in Brisbane for a few days holiday and thought I could get parts here fairly easily... Alas, it hasn't been so. But armed with your information, I'll contact mikunioz asap and see if I can get what I need. Using Australia stock as the benchmark, I've made a chart (compiled from the last few posts; let me know if there are any errors in it). I think I'll get a Mikuni N102.221 Small Round type 130 and 132.5 and see how things go. Thanks again for your help!
  8. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Thanks for the reply, kiethy26. A few things: - what does "tk" mean? In an earlier post you mention tk140, tk142, and tk150; in this post you mention tk42 (supposed to be tk142?). Anyway, what's "tk"? - both dealers I visited here (Brisbane) pulled out the same book and showed me the aftermarket stuff they have available. Both Mikuni and Keihn had only the following steps: 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, etc. Where do you find 132.5, 142.5, etc.? - are you sure it's a 132.5 mikuni and not a 142.5 (as mentioned previously in this thread)? I'm kind of choked that I have to buy a pack of 4 jets to get the one I need... and I'd rather not buy the wrong size. Thanks for any help clarifying this!
  9. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Thanks for this, StuartXTZ. Just to clarify: did you mean (140 Yamaha = 1.40mm)? Because you mentioned that 140 Mikuni is 140cc/min... so it's probably not also 140mm. Or did I miss something? Anyway, I'm facing the same jetting problems: too rich. Looking for a solution...
  10. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Hey rjkz28, where'd you find the 142.5 main? And do you have another one laying around? I'm in Australia trying to find a different jet, but the dealers here are... well, let's just say they're challenged by my problem. I've got a 147 main (stock), but it's running rich. Anyway, I'd love to hear from you.
  11. lengosi

    TTR250 suspension setup for small rider?

    Hmmm . . . the old.racetech.com URL didn't work. Any hints?
  12. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Oh yeah, come to think of it my XT250 had a fender like that (mid-80s model). Maybe I could build an extension for my fender. <!idea!> Thanks.
  13. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Has anyone done anything about the short front fender? My guess is it's so short to allow maximum air to the engine (being air cooled and all). The tradeoff is that the engine gets plugged with mud (which makes me wonder if it's really cooling efficiently after all . . . ). I'm tempted to put a radiator grille / air scoop type thingy in front of the engine to divert the mud and allow air in. Has anyone else found a solution for keeping the mud off?
  14. lengosi

    License plate bracket

    Funny, I just pulled the 'drag chute' off of my bike. I take it you need to hang a license plate . . . I built a bracket and hung my plate from the rear fender frame (using the bolt holes from the 'drag chute'), but it's tucked right up under the fender--minimal drag and very unobtrusive. I also mounted the license plate light under there, so it should conform to legal requirements (the one thing I don't have that the 'drag chute' did is a simple red reflector . . . ). Anyway, the whole thing is much tidier than the 30cm piece of plastic that Mr. Yamaha used to hang the license plate. You might want to try something similar?
  15. lengosi

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    I finally read this whole thread (Sunday afternoon). I noticed that bushbloke (post #178) has an '07 Aus. spec ttr250 with 50 / 147 jets. That's exactly what I found when I pulled my carb (see post #223). So I guess bikes on this side of the pond have different stock jetting from North American models. Just thought I'd pull those two bits of information together for anyone working on a non-North American ttr250. I know I was confused when I found a 147 in there and everyone else was talking about a 137 . . .