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  1. ivanteschke

    03/yz250f clutch problems

    thanks for the help! the cable was the first thing i checked because its the easiest thing to check and i made sure it had just a bit of play. thanks anyway. about the clutch springs, I'am 220lbs should i be sticking with oem parts or should i go to a stronger aftermarket spring? if i go with aftermarket whats a good brand to go with?
  2. ivanteschke

    03/yz250f clutch problems

    i have an 03 yz250f i have only been riding for about 1 1/2 years now and i have had no problems with the bike. i don't race or ride the bike hard. just in the past few days i have noticed in all gears if i give if i give full throttle it seems like the clutch is slipping. i pulled my clutch apart and checked all parts for wear or damage but i found nothing. all my plates look very unused and fresh and they all measures on the high side of there tolerances and all 5 of the springs are good to. i change the oil very often because i was told for the price of an oil change it is a good way to keep my 4 stroke in good working condition. my clutch is getting oiled. what else can i check for or do to stop this slipping.
  3. ivanteschke

    yamaha big wheel 80

    Hi all. i was looking for a bit of help from anyone out there that knows anything about yamahas big wheel 80 bikes. im looking to get some tips on upping the power if possible. any hints or tricks you have for me about the bike in general would be much appreciated. thanks ivan
  4. ivanteschke

    03 yamaha yz250f good or bad?

    cool thanks
  5. ivanteschke

    03 yamaha yz250f good or bad?

    cool thanks a lot guys i think im getting the bike this saturday, and it sounds like ill be happy Ivan
  6. hey, I'm looking for a new bike and i found a 03 yz250f for sale for $4000 canadian. I'm a new rider and i have a ttr 225 and I'm selling it for $2000 canadian. its fun but it just doesn't have the power or suspension i need. to all you people out there that knows a bit more about the yz250f could you let me know good and bad about the bike. or any problems the 03's had i should look for. thanks, Ivan
  7. ivanteschke

    fat guy on a little bike

    yeah OK handaman450x ! with all you infinite wisdom maybe you can find your self a life!! thanks ndawg22, some people are just to cool for the rest of us. ivan
  8. ivanteschke

    fat guy on a little bike

    I was wondering if anyone know a good aftermarket or stock spring for the rear shock on my 2004 ttr 225. im only 5' 6" thats y i got the ttr 225 so i could touch the ground but im 220 lbs and i flatten the rear spring. ivan
  9. ivanteschke

    04 TTR-225 help

    I have a ttr 225 (2004) its the first bike i have ever had. i was wondering if anyone out there can help me with what is good to change or work on to get the best out of this bike. i have money to play with so i need some direction on whats best to do to get this bike to its very best in performance. i have an in on a bike shop called hully gully so i can get parts at a good price i just need to know what to get. thanks for the help. Ivan