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  1. I'm on the side of ice baths are bad. I've used a couple stim machines. Compex and a new one called PowerDot (Bluetooth phone app runs this one). Also like foam rollers, deep massage and eating clean. Beer too.
  2. clutchless

    Journey to my first sanctioned powerlifting meet

    Remember when you asked me how I got hurt lifting weights... Rest is good. Don't overtrain. I'm still recovering from my torn quad tendon. Mobility drills, rom drills, and active recovery all keys to gains.
  3. clutchless

    Our new Trophy Truck

    Take that IPAs!
  4. clutchless

    Recoil III

    Ha! Soylent has his priorities in the right place.
  5. clutchless

    Removing scratches

    Go to a detail shop and have them fix it. If it's a new truck it's worth the 50.00 to have it done.
  6. clutchless

    Prepare to get pumped!

    Throw a pack on with 20# in it while you walk the dog.
  7. clutchless

    Trailer rot

    I redid the floor on an old camper. Let me dig up the thread. It had a leak in the tub drain. Edit: Do a search for Skyline and it's the first thread shown.
  8. clutchless

    Possible distal bicep tendon injury

    Rehabbing a torn quad tendon now. 9 weeks. No pain. Just a lot of muscle to redevelop. Very slow and boring rehab. No booze. Eating clean.
  9. clutchless


    Owned a 2006 Colorado. Loaded 4x4 Crew. Loved it. Until I got a camper trailer. It had a recall for cylinder heads. No other issues.
  10. 2004 Chevy 2500HD Crew. I'm installing 6 QTY Rigid Dually Series lights 15W each on a Back Rack. What is the easiest way to get power to the rack?
  11. clutchless

    Just started Crossfit

    Seat time is seat time. Crossfit is crossfit. Paleo is stupid. I coach Crossfit. Don't let Crossfit take over your life. Fitness isn't a sport and being good at fitness is not functional.
  12. clutchless

    Stand Up For Your Off Road Rights and Rev Your Motor For Ocotillo Wells!

    Errr... I see nothing in the news about Ocotillo Wells being in and sort of trouble or the State trying to close it? Didn't they just spend a boatload on new facilities and road work out there? Something new happening aside for the typical lawsuit from some hiker?
  13. clutchless

    Add weight fast.

    6 Week cycle of German Volume Training. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/luis13.htm Or have him join a Crossfit Gym and they will have a power lifter who can get him on a proper diet. Crossfit is heavily influenced by SOF types. There will be people there who can guide him.
  14. clutchless

    PCM tune for my chevy 6.0

    Spend the 400.00 on your bike, your cabin or a gun, not on programming your trucks computer.