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  1. supercross

    I kind of like the Triple Crown format. The only thing that sux is there seems to be too much time between races probably more for the TV schedule than anything else. Maybe cut it down to two races a little longer, kind of like the outdoors. I would like Feld to try for one year the Olympic scoring format. Lowest number of points at the end of year is champion. One point for first, two points for second, etc.
  2. Are you kidding me? I'm 100% certain all those bikes are stolen. Whenever there are hare scramble, motocross, or enduro races in southern Jersey, those poor unfortunate little bundles of joy know which hotels the riders are staying at and show up with a master key (bolt cutters) and go shopping. One of the hotels associated with a motocross track in southern Jersey has a secured room where riders can put their bikes because it became a huge problem last year. Plus they aren't doing it because they love dirt biking, they're doing it because it's an illegal activity.
  3. Exactly. The public will think these "12 o'clock boys" are the same guys as enduro or mx riders. Most people never read beyond the headlines anyway.
  4. I had Rider Insurance on all my dual sport bikes because they were about $100 a year for liability only. They didn't offer full coverage for on/off road bikes. I figured I'd take my chances with theft because I kept my bikes in my garage when 99.99% of the time someone is home. I'd only use the bikes for recreational riding in the woods so they were always in my sight.
  5. supercross

    Ran when parked.
  6. supercross

    I don't know, but this could be the best race all year. Expect to see unfamiliar names on both podiums to night!
  7. supercross

    My prediction: looking at the speed they riders are doing and the fact that no one is getting their bikes off the ground, injury free night!
  8. He was talking about the riders hair care product.
  9. Just heard the riders are going to be using personal watercraft instead.
  10. I think Taxachusetts likes the money from dirt bike registration, but would love to tax them out of existence. Can't believe there's a state worse than NJ for motorcyclists. With our new governor I think he'll give Mass a run for the money though. It makes me wonder if all of the hard core liberal thinkers in Mass actually pay EVERY sales tax that they're supposed to pay including private transactions.
  11. Well they don't call it Taxachusetts for nothing. Publicly the politicians said the law was for rider education, expand riding opportunities, enforcement, etc., but privately the state wanted a way to collect more "tax" money. If a lot of riders give up dirt biking because of the "fee" it's just a bonus for a very left leaning state.
  12. Although not a dirt bike, my friend has a hitch carrier on his RAV-4 for his snow blower. Thursday he went driving around all day to clear driveways. I don't know how much the snow blower weighs, but it's definitely a large one. I was always skeptical of hitch carriers until I saw in the parking lot where I work several senior citizens have those mobility scooters strapped to the back of their Camrys or Accords. I even saw a massive scooter on the back of a Carrolla.
  13. Good racing last night. Don't hate J-Mart, but I hope he gets docked a couple of positions so Luke Renzland from NJ can move up to second place! I'm biased that way. Anderson looked really fast coming from last place to fourth. As long as he doesn't crash and miss races, the championship could be his. Stadium looked like it had a decent sized crowd not like St. Louis. The first thing I noticed about Roczen was his arm. It didn't look right.
  14. Looks like E-Town is moving the main track to the practice area. From what I read they are expanding the motocross tracks since they'll have no more drag racing. Maybe an MX National in the future?
  15. Go on youtube. There are plenty of videos of the trails. The whole place looks awesome. Love to get down there one day.