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  1. Thought they would update the DR-Zs a little. Looks like I'll be looking at the Honda 450L dual sport a little harder, though the DR- 400 still has a pretty good price.
  2. I have a single axel trailer that I always carry a spare tire, but I never travel far with the it. I bought two extra wheels from Lowes that I rotate every year. Years ago I saw in a local mom and pop hardware store trailer tires that were solid rubber. Think they would work well as long as you didn't over load the trailer. Looks like when the tires are worn you replaced the whole thing, tire and rim. They were more expensive than pneumatic wheels, but not worrying about getting a flat could have been worth it. I went back there to see if they still had them, but no luck.
  3. After being with me mom when she drew her last breath after a short stint with Alzheimers, it hit me hard. What helped me really get over it was when my brother and I got poster board and made a collage of all the photos we found in her bedroom to display at her funeral. Just looking at the pics of all our relatives and of us as youngsters put me in a good mood. My mom grew up in 40s to early 60s and I couldn't believe how many pics she had. My grandparents must of had a camera around their necks every day and this was before cell phones!
  4. Quiet for me. I've had good luck with Yoshimura slip on exhaust. Had them on three of my bikes and had people ride them and they were barely louder than stock with quiet inserts. Plus I did notice a slight increase in power. I've come home at 1 in the morning sometimes and my SIL wouldn't hear me pull into the driveway with the windows opened. Heard a guy with an FMF exhaust at a hare scramble, not sure which one, but the thing sounded like a moped. I talked to a Yosh representative at one race and he said a full system is a waste of money unless you do a lot of engine work. My friend is a retired LEO that rides dirt bikes and he always said that when he saw the Harley riders with straight pipes they drew his attention.
  5. Just saw on Lacey's police website that Lacey Township and all other southern Ocean County township's Off Road Task Force will be out in full force starting this weekend and running all the way to October cracking down on illegal off roading. Anyone trying to ride, best of luck. Make sure you have enough in your checkbooks to pay the fines.
  6. Looks like they are going by the VIN. That number tells you everything about the bike including if it comes from the factory street legal. NJ has been doing this for a couple of years now.
  7. I've been comparing SUVs, pick-ups, and cars. It seems that used cars are sometimes a couple of thousand dollars cheaper and get way better gas mileage than an AWD SUV.
  8. I've always had pick ups and SUVs. My RAV-4 is going on 16 years old and I've been thinking of switching to a car. I have a 4x6 utility trailer that I'm going to use as my moto hauler. I've been looking at Camrys or my neighbor is a salesman at a Honda dealership and said he can get me a good deal on an Accord. Like the Mazda 6 too. My brother got a good deal on his Civic from him. Doesn't have to be brand new, a couple of year old off lease is fine with me. I know both will accept Class II hitches, but it seems with the Accord it uses existing bolt holes while the Camry needs a couple of holes drilled. Anyone regret choosing a car?
  9. My neighbor had problems with squirrels in her attic. A saucer of ammonia by the entrance solved the problem. Maybe keep a small cup of ammonia in the engine bay for a week or two. The mice will get the message.
  10. motocross

    Loud pipes save lives. Just sayin'.
  11. You might want to try Field Of Dreams in Millville NJ. They are expanding another 117 acres to include a hare scrambles course along with their motocross tracks. Saw picture of the hare scrambles course and it looks really nice.
  12. motocross

    After looking at the top 20 the field isn't too deep in talent. I can see a few winning maybe a moto or two, but not a race or a championship.
  13. I've been hearing about the Vermont thing for years, but I don't know if it still works. Wouldn't surprise me if this state caught on. Keep us updated on the results. I would love to know exactly how this works.
  14. When I used to go to Unadilla it rained every time. I just came prepared with a cheap poncho and boots from Wal-Mart. Kept dry clothes and a towel in the car and changed after the race. Made the ride home comfortable.
  15. It sucks we can't register dirt bikes in this state, but we don't have motorcycle inspections. Could you imagine the possibilities? A street legal RMZ-450.