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  1. racermx66

    Dungey’s real father

    I wonder how much Bob Ross' paintings would fetch on the auction block? I have a feeling art snobs wouldn't care much for his paintings, but come on, Andy Warhol's painting of Campbell's soup cans is art?
  2. I work in a supermarket, but I started when the union was strong and you were able to make a living. We would get raises twice a year and if the managers like you, you would get merit raises. If you were to get hired today you better have a second and third job to make ends meet. I'm lucky that my brother and I own a house and split costs so I'm not struggling. The worst part is I would love to get an MX bike, but with my work schedule I'm always working weekends, the days when the local tracks have open practices.
  3. racermx66

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    The K-Mart that is still in business by me sells Craftsman. All my tools are Craftsman. So far my Made In China tools have been reliable.
  4. One of my friends used the Auto train for his mini van he liked it. He was down in Florida for two weeks and the price of the train off set rental car fees. I drove down to the Keys from NJ in a Honda Fit and the ride is BORING. Riding a 250 seems like it would be fun, but a challenge. One of the biggest things I think about when taking my bike on long rides is what to do if I get a flat.
  5. racermx66

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    Unfortunately this sport is like every professional sport, you have a short shelf life. I honestly can't see him battling for a championship, but being more of a fil in rider. The Doug Flutie of motocross.
  6. I had no problem for months reading the forums using my iPad. then all of a sudden I can't get on the Forums section. When I do click on a subject after a couple of seconds it says something along the line of lost host, an error occurred. The only way I can read anything in the forums is I have to click on my notifications which takes me to the forum, but the only way I can read other subjects is I have to click on the "Unread Content" button. And that only lets me see unread topics, nothing else. I have no problem on any other forum. Like I said it worked for months before then all of a sudden it stopped. To go on the forums and read other topics I have to use my brother's desk top which I'm using now. I assume it has to do with the iPad itself(?)
  7. racermx66

    Ocean county power sports

    I go there all the time for years and never had a problem. An oil change and cleaning the air filter seems like a DIY project. Not that hard to do.
  8. racermx66

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    looks like the weather will hold out.
  9. racermx66

    NASCAR"s Trevor Bane and Alton Baker

    WADA to the white courtesy phone.
  10. racermx66

    CRF450L "BS to the Japanese engineers"

    Forgot 1 more thing: 3. NJ doesn't have motorcycle inspections so parts tend to "fall off" on the way home from the dealer.
  11. racermx66

    CRF450L "BS to the Japanese engineers"

    I know a lot of people are hating on the Honda's shortcomings, but I can tell you two reasons why I would have no problem buying this bike: 1. I can walk into the DMV and walk out with a license plate, no hassle. I don't have to register it in another state and hope the lady at the DMV doesn't notice. Getting a plate alone will make this bike desirable in NJ where it is impossible to register a dirt bike and it opens up hundreds of miles of trails. 2. My Honda dealer is 3 minutes from my house.😁
  12. racermx66

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    My friend is a retired LEO and he told me they are putting a lot of effort into the crack down on off roading which surprised him.
  13. racermx66

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    Yeah I saw that too. The LEOs have the new HUMVEEs that you see in Iraq now.
  14. racermx66

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    I don't think I would put too much trust into what people say. You can try it, but don't be surprised if you see a law enforcement HUMVEE waiting next to your truck. Local paper did a story on the Off Road Task Force.
  15. racermx66

    Places to ride in New Jersey

    It's 100% illegal to ride there. The Ocean County Off Road Task Force made up of local, county, and state law enforcement agencies stepped up patrolling illegal off roading. You'll get caught and the fines aren't cheap. This is NJ after all.