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  1. True Tod We must fight what we can, we may lose the House... BUT, we have a decent chance in the Senate. I talked with Tim Sheldon today and he is aware of what is going on in the House Budget, if this passes the house with NOVA funds still being transferred then the Senate may remove it. Off Road users we must fight, and for this fight the WTA and the hikers are actually on the same side as us (as this is ALL of NOVA, not just motorized.) Watch the WTA for a compromise though, I'm sure they'll not push too hard to help us keep our portion of the funds...
  2. More later, I must go to work John
  3. I explained to these senior Reps that we are NOT a group of subsidy or entitlement recipients, like the majority here. We are trying to protect OUR self generated funds from being raided. We tax ourselves (buy license tabs) to recreate... If you take ALL the money there will be no place to ride... If you shut down all the roads, streets, highways do you think anyone would buy or renew a license for their car the next year???? Yes you have the power to TAKE all of these funds... BUT you will only take them like this once. Should this happen the motorized enthusiast would not renew BUT instead would donate the same amount or more directly to the recreational area they wished saved, removing the government from the loop simply to maintain oversight... This is not a threat, this is common sense.... I have been told by Brian Hawthorne the BRC calls this the "Nuclear option" and should be used as a last resort... As I see it the House and the Gov have pulled the Nuclear option on us first... TAKE ALL OUR FUNDS... ALL ALL ALL Let it sink in... ALL
  4. Kevin McGrath and I went to the House hearing of PSHB 1244 yesterday at 3:30... Jonathan Guzzo WTA was there also; on this bill the three of us were on the same side: Remove the NOVA funds from this bill (as it seems the Senate version has done.) Room A was packed, every seat taken, a ring usually two deep standing around the perimeter... Reasonable turnout for this enormous bill 462 pages it seemed everything including the kitchen sink was in it. My opinion the subsidy recipients vastly outnumbered the raided funds group. DANGER DANGER I spoke with long time "friendlies" my question being "How is best to approach this?" Very disturbing answer: essentially "This is a done deal" just be polite, they will take it, just hope that some is spared to go to parks..." My gut still hurts... I woke up this morning feeling strange and uneasy... How can the Washington state government "steal" all of our funds OUR FUNDS, that are self generated, that we voluntarily taxed ourselves so that we may have places to recreate to fund entitlements????? This bill was requested directly by Governor Gregoire to Rep. Linville, Chair of House Ways and Means... In my opinion ten thousand requests to the Governor to line item veto this would not persuade her. Speaking with other senior Reps I was told that the House members often did not have sufficient power to stand against the Governor, whereas many Senators did... [break... continued in next post, almost lost what I was writing]
  5. I agree a sad day for this nation. 160 piece of crap bills voted down before and then tacked on to the Battle of 1812 bill by Reid an amendment. The only ones rejoicing are the socialists. When will you wake up?
  6. We'll help you with advertising... That's what I need the photos for. Blue Ribbon and AMA are going to do a National story about our Rally, hopefully to get most of the other states to do a similar Rally. KEEP YOUR PHOTOS COMING !!!! Come on TTer's lets see some photos. Thanks, John
  7. Sorry about that Kate, didn't mean to leave Jim out. We should email all those who attended and tell them Thank You
  8. Greg, this one too, Brian Hawthorne BRC speaking, Nic Haris AMA, DirtCheapJohn WOHVA
  9. These two for sure, the "raw10" will go to Parts Unlimited / LeMans Corp
  10. We have quite a few that are friendly towards us... Present at the Rally were: Sen Tim Sheldon 35th Rep Cary Condotta 12th Rep Ed Orcutt 18th Rep Kirk Pearson 39th Another "suit" was Tod Petersen NMA and WOHVA Slated to speak, but did not attend (again, it's a work day for our Senators and Representatives too) Rep Dan Kristiansen 39th Rep Bill Hinkle 13th Rep Richard DeBolt 20th CONSPICIOUSLY ABSENT: KIRO KOMO KING KCPQ ALL local media were notified. I spoked directly to Essex Porter and also spoke face to face with other TV reporters about the rally. The "bought and paid for" media have DECIDED NOT TO COVER this issue. TTer's please call and email the media DEMAND that they cover this stupid CPSC "lead" issue; we will NOT stand for the "social engineering" of our youth.
  11. Thanks Steve Keep them coming... I know there's many more photos out in TT land Greg M, got a few???? John
  12. GOOD JOB
  13. Please post your photos of the 3/13/09 WOHVA Rally here. Brian Hawthorne [bRC] and Nic Haris [AMA] are needing some high quality photos of the Rally... Your photo could be used in a national magazine article/story. Thanks, John Eaton Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance WOHVA
  14. We should have 100 each of these before Thursday: Due to a mix up these signs are still in California, but I was assured they would be shipped out today. Thanks to Justin at JJW Designs for getting us a good price on these
  15. Another Flier: And starting points: TWELVE DAYS AND COUNTING... Are you ready???