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  1. I would sure like that new counterbalanced 610 D/S in my garage. If it is as smooth as people say, it might become my main ride. But Husky seems to have lost a little financial support recently. According to the bizwires, Proton sold their 57% interest in the company that owns Husky to a private equity company by the name of Gevi.....for five bucks! Not only that, but they fired all the managers that got them into the motorcycle business. Sheesh. I'd have given them more then five bucks... The buyer took over responsibility for some $120 million in debt! Not good unless Gevi can get the lenders to agree to a huge write down. Even then, who is Gevi? and what is their interest in products like MV and Husqvarna? All this when they introduce what is probably the most attractive line of products in their history. Can read www.roadracingworld.com article or go to the source here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20051227/bs_afp/malaysiaitalyautoprotongevi_051227080426 LZ (still looking for a freeway smooth 300lb Dual Sporter) Sally
  2. LZ Sally

    Newbie VOR Question

    Thanks guys!!! After visiting this site, I am so pumped to freshen her up and putt her around a bit! I even found and downloaded the shop manual today thanks to you guys. She is an interesting machine when you look at her. I just needed a little education to appreciate her! I will have fun doing this now. -LZ Sally
  3. LZ Sally

    Newbie VOR Question

    OK I did a search. Basically search sez the motor vibes like crazy and has some small oil filter somewhere down there. Also said its not good for highway cuz motor not designed for it. I think I'll clean her up and try it anyway. Can't be any worse then an old BSA B50 MX I raced once. If anything more to offer, please post. Thanks.
  4. LZ Sally

    Newbie VOR Question

    Note: 1st post after being directed from another forum. Is there anybody out there willing to offer me a brief owners impression of a 2001 VOR 503 Enduro? I have one in my barn. I acquired it unwillingly two years ago, the result of a deal gone bad. I have no knowledge about the machine other then my son took it to an ice track with spikes last winter and sed it vibed like crazy and ran fat on top. He was unimpressed. I drug it out and took off some plastic. I see it has nice high-end parts. But I see no battery to run its blinkers and no oil tank or filter. What is this thing? I think I'd like to clean it up a little and ride it as a trailbike. Can it be ridden regularly, or is a race motor that has small oil capacity and needs changing after every ride? Experience-wise, I have decades-past experience with MX racers. The last dirtbike I rode was a recent KDX200 that I found simply amazing compared to the stuff I rode years ago. I ride streetbikes now. So is this VOR worth the effort to make it a trailbike for a guy like me? Thanks.