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  1. Check eBay periodically to get an idea of what they're going for. There's usually a couple on there... - David
  2. I can't speak about the KDX, but my XR250 is great. I got back into trail riding last year after a 30+ year layoff. I bought a used YZ426. WAY to much bike for me. I traded for the XR and have been completely satisfied. It's rock solid, predictable, and pulls like a tractor. - David
  3. Ah ha! I have a Vulcan 1500 classic for the road-- it doesn't have a tach either... - David
  4. Thanks Rudydog! I'm also looking at an exhaust tip for the stock muffler on eBay that has a spark arrestor, but I'm sure the guy hasn't gotten them USFS approved... - David
  5. I'm usually too busy trying to avoid trees and rocks (sometimes unsuccessfully) to look at a tach... - David
  6. Anyone running one of these? Any good? Thanks - David