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    2 hour, 16 miles Broken in and broken

    Thanks for the info everyone. The salesperson had the attitude that it would definitly be fixed, however, the service manager was not so enthusiastic. I'm going to call Honda of America and see if I can get a case open. The dealer is going to drag their feet because of the holidays. I'd like to ride sometime this season. *have a case open with them, will see where this goes and how fast *
  2. My first dirt bike (new anyway). 250x 2006. Picked it up Monday, rode Carnegie Tuesday, came home and washed it. Found oil dripping from what looked like the front sprocket. Took the front sprocket cover off and the upper bolt came out with the stud attached. When I say stud, I mean part of the engine cast. It left a small hole in the crank to drain oil onto the ground. Looking at the design, I'm amazed at the lack of clearance between the chain and the engine casting. NO warranty on dirt bikes. Have the bike sitting at Concord Motorsports waiting to hear from Honda about it. I have a feeling I already know the answer. Was wondering if anyone else had this happen? Any good Aluminum welders in the Concord/Walnut Creek CA area?