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  1. Farmer_dave

    spoiler about daytona

    I think J Law is awesome always have despite his faults he is an amazing rider and you never know what to expect when he is out there. But as they say you have to earn respect so it will take more that one good finish and a wekk of staying out of trouble to silence the critics, I myself hope he can keep himself together and reach the level he is obviously capable of.
  2. Farmer_dave

    well, reed finally got a good start! what happened?

    Haha I bet those of you who back Stewert are the kinds of people who go to the horse races, Put 5 bucks on the Favorite to "place" make a 20 cent profit and think its christmas. Its not rocket science we all know the guy can haul but Me well I like to see a battle, I dont really care who wins but I cant stand the same guy winning week in week out, I have never really thought much of reed on the track or off, But this year is different, Maybe its the change of teams maybe its the fact he is the underdog or maybe its just because if he wasnt out there Stewert would haave life even easier. Really whether you like Reed or not the sport needs him and I hope he can step it up and take the fight to Stewert cause at the end of the day no one else is going to do it.
  3. Farmer_dave

    Why isn't anyone blaming windhams efi Honda 450?

    No offence to James I think he is awesome but I dont think he is very good at starting any 450 when after he stalls it, I can remember it happening to him several times in the past, and it looks like he is grabbing a handful of gas everytime I see it happen, Move your hand off the throttle and you will get it going with alot less hassle james!!! I dont think efi makes a bike any easier to start personally.
  4. Farmer_dave

    engine covers

    sorry my bad
  5. Farmer_dave

    engine covers

    Are you supposed to prime alloy with an etch primer before painting?
  6. Farmer_dave

    what color?

    The standard rear spring on the 05 was in fact yellow, It was red in 06. Im sure the 06 spring was a 5.7 kg and im pretty damn sure the 05 was softer i think it was a 5.5 kg.
  7. Farmer_dave

    06 kx 450f went BOOM. chased by cops. :(

    Dont think he, or 95 percent of the worlds population for that matter would be that stupid enough to put themselves into that position in the first place.
  8. Farmer_dave

    06 kx 450f went BOOM. chased by cops. :(

    Yes He is free to share his experience just as others are free to comment, If he didnt want to hear how people felt about what he did he shouldnt have posted it on here in the first place right? Yeah Im sure you would feel much different if you had one of those stories.
  9. Farmer_dave

    difference between rmz450 and rmz250

    Wow this is an interesting question lol I guess they both look similar but they are completely different. The 450 I would say would be more reliable because it will not be working as hard as the 250. The main difference between the two is that the 250 is lighter easier to ride, and wont wear you out as fast, The 450 i think is more suitable to larger or more experienced riders has plenty of torque and is a hoot to ride but can be quite demanding. Hope this answers your questions
  10. Farmer_dave

    Transworld 450 Shootout

    Strange thing for me is that last year in all the magazines I read The 2008 crf was ranked higher than the rmz most of the time so does that mean that all the development on the new fi crf was a step backwards or what? I dont trust magazines anymore.
  11. Farmer_dave

    Anyone seen one of these before??

    OMG that just looks so wrong
  12. Farmer_dave

    Tire Question Rmz 450 Please?

    Also im sure some tyre manufactures size their tyres differently, Im running a 130/70 on mine and absolutely love it, Its a michelin.
  13. Farmer_dave

    Rmz 450 Valves

    Lmao yea they do tend to bend or crack when the piston hits them!! That is pretty uncommon and is certainly a maintance issue with not checking to make sure timing chain is tight or doing it improperly. As far as I know the 2006 RMZ valves are as good as anything else out there.
  14. Farmer_dave

    08 KXF450 went boom

    Not Sick or Retarded, Just cautious and I commend that. Might be a few less of these horror stories if everyone else was the same. (Not saying this case was caused by negligence!!!)
  15. Farmer_dave

    Frustration with my RM-Z 450 R

    Although I guess maybe the cams seized and this caused it to jump time and piston hit valves, Check check and double check the timing.