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  1. Don't worry about initial clutch disengagement. All of my old Husky's do it at some point in their lives. I've grown accustomed to just checking it before starting the bike, by putting it in gear, pulling in the clutch and rocking it back and forth. This usually breaks them free. If it doesn't, I warm it up and get it rolling before putting it in gear to take off. I then get it rolling along, pull in the clutch, and hit the rear brake to free them up while holding the revs up a bit. This procedure has always worked for me. I call it character.
  2. No need to worry or hesitate on a TXC310. It's a proven, reliable and durable race bike that you will enjoy for a long time. We just bought one ourselves and are retiring our beloved '07 WR144 to get this bike. We have many friends that have been racing them at the A and AA level for years and are very successful on them. Keep the oil and air filter clean, check valves at the recommended intervals and go racing.
  3. I've been a Husky loyalist since 1983 and hated that the Italians bought them out in 1988, but I realized that change is inevitable in life and learned to appreciate the Italian Husky's. These are the Husky's my kids like, kinda the way I like the '80s bikes. Fast forward to today and here we are again, except for I'm keeping an open mind about the buy out this time. These new models will be my kids and grandkids favorite bikes in the future. I'm hoping that someday they will have fun restoring and racing the "old Italian Husky's" like we restore and race the old Swedish bikes. I'm keeping my '08 Husky CR 167 forever, right next to my other favorite...1983 WR 430. Now let's stop the BS and go out and race.
  4. Why not the FMF with the powerbomb header? I'm thinking about a new pipe myself.
  5. I figured it out.
  6. What is the procedure for installing the shock?
  7. Can someone please tell me what the length is on 2000 TTR 125 shock? I had my Works Performance shock rebuilt and now it doesn't fit. It's too long. Thanks.
  8. Wow! Nice job! What front end did you go with? Any modifications to it? Did you replace the rear shock? What kind?
  9. Ok, I'm back on the project with one small exception, I just bought an 09 KLX140L Monster Edition with less than 5 hrs on it. I'll be selling the KLX140 now. Can you tell me (again) what to do to the carb, air box and swingarm link to make it better? I'm planning on a bigger carb, fork and shock swap, pipe, and possible big bore kit. What is working the best out there for these mods? I plan on riding woods with it primarily.
  10. It's an expensive power up for what you end up with. I know, I have two mini money pits, a KLX 140 and a TTR 125. Oh yeah, make that 3, a KLX110 too. All fun to ride and modify, but not a great "bang for the buck" situation.
  11. I hear that. Just as an FYI, Keytime Motorsports in WI and Hall's Husky's in IL are very good at working with you on Husky suspension issues. I ride an 08 CR125 kitted with a Max Power 167, and it's by far the funnest bike I've ever owned. Torquey, fast and light. I also hear a lot of good things about the WB 165 kit with a KTM 200 pipe.
  12. If you buy the bike right, (price) have it professionally lowered. I have '07 and '08 models (not lowered) and am 5'-7", and I fall on the downside hills often. I believe it keeps me limber and allows me to take in the flora and the fauna at the events. LOL
  13. I'm having the same issue with a KLX140 that has been jetted and snorkle removed. After talking with my son, we have had the same gas in for at least 6 months, and just added fresh to it periodically. I'm draining it out and adding fresh gas to it to see if it works.
  14. Pit bike and arrowing my club's H/S courses as well as dual sports. I already have a modded TTR 125 and love it. Did you sell yours? Where are you located? Wanna swap a stock KLX140 (other than jetted) and cash?
  15. I do not have the "L" model. Will the KX swingarm work? I want to use the larger wheels too. Will they work? What kind of mods to utilize the swingarm?