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    Do 2017 wheels also fit 2016 CRF450R... help

    Thanks wanted to make sure before I bought tires and mounted.
  2. I have a 2016 CRF450R extra wheel set, and want to know if anybody knows if they will fit a 2017 CRF450R. I rather keep and use them as spares. I did check and motosport has listed different part numbers for the hubs, but see a lot of front wheels fitting every year. They are OEM if that helps. Thanks

    Maryland-Trustworthy Repair Shop

    I use Fast Mann Racing. Randy is beyond fair and little farther out but worth it.

    Maryland Master Series Budd's Creek this weekend

    Master Series has the first round this week and Budd's Creek. Wanted to see who was thinking about it. I believe they also have the ARHMA racing both days. I am going just to get some rust off on Sunday.

    Just bought a new 09 KX 450f, what do i need to know?

    Get a high pressure radaitor cap (optional KX65 1.8) and Boysen water pump. High horsepower = high heat. Gear up on tooth rear sproket 51. The gear ratios will feel better, and makes 3rd come into play sooner. 22mm Clamps if budget can stand it Apllied clamps $395.00 stem and bearing included. Helps on super tight turns

    Wicomico Motocross Park in Southern MD

    By the way at the end I did post I can not longer stand behind them (Easton). This is a riding area not Budd's Creek MX track.

    Wicomico Motocross Park in Southern MD

    No; supporting the riding area. Sorry James Stuart it was not up to your standards.... Yes; they were working hard on Easton, but would tell us one thing and do another. I ask what have you done to help the sport??? We can compair notes any time right here.... You first

    Wicomico Motocross Park in Southern MD

    I just went yesterday. I took my daughter and can tell you it is a great place to ride. They did a good job clearing the place to add a bike only track. They are looking for a water truck to purchase to water. Yes dust is a issue, but there is a place to ride from MX to trails. They made a few changes to the kids & ATV tracks that worked out well building up the jumps. The trail is one way, and they even took some trees out for sunlight to get in. I can not understand what people looking for there. $40.00 rode for 5 hours of riding is better than sitting home trashing places on the computer. My 12 old daughter had a great day. How do you put a price on that. She is learning a clutch, so I do not believe she worried about water trucks or big doubles. She just has a good time riding. That is what she is remembering today. I wish everybody else could just enjoy time on the bike a little more. If not these places will go away. Someboy will read a post and not go there. That is sad because it might be just what they are looking for.

    I am looking for a 2010 stock exhaust. Anyone want to sell theirs?

    I have one with 1.6 hours on it. No dents. I will be a Easton / DMP the weekend of 4/17 - 4/18 for the gold series race district 7. Off my 2010 KX450F

    Looking for an exhaust for 2009 kx 450

    You will love the MRD exhaust. I got it on my 09 and it pulls harder and longer. Feels lighter than stock. Good stuff

    DMP in Easton yesterday


    FMF Ti power core vs MRD exhaust

    I rode Yoshimura and MRD. The MRD is now on my bike. Performance is great. Fit and finish is top rate. You will be glad you tried MRD. I was worried at 1st never hearing of the (only on Thumper Talk), until I tried a system. I have had them on Honda & now my Kawasaki. Will have it on my next bike. Great stuff

    Best Full System for my 09


    MRD Exhaust is fantastic on my 2009 KX450F

    Maybe with the FI bikes we can download a program to run for testing DB (new fuel/timing map). I know the factory teams do it, but the carb bikes would still have a issue. Also a insert like FMF uses in the muffler on the end cap would work.

    Over 100 rider at DMP Easton MD today

    100% that is a great feeling. Sunday could have not worked out any better. I was worried driving there the track would be bad. Snow and littstanding water next to route 50, but the track was great.