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  1. From SLC most people park at Tibble Fork reservoir. I often park at Snake Creek as I'm usually riding with guys that live up there. There's a fee station at the mouth of AF. Snake Creek used to be free but it looks like they're enforcing having a tag to be parked in the lot now
  2. Are there any good swimming holes or river access near the Sawtooth camping spot. Also do you think that area will be affected by the Solar Eclipse crowd? one of our guys is pretty committed to the Aug 15-20. Any thoughts on maybe going up to near Stanley instead?
  3. Dang, that looks like a lot of damage to the road that was just repaired a couple years ago. If you're camping on the east end of Baum it looks like you can still drive to Big Hole?
  4. We've had our semi-annual trip to Baumgartner August 15-20 planned for a while but have recently realized that the solar eclipse on August 21 may effect the area as it's directly in the primary path of the eclipse. Have any locals heard of plans for big crowds in the area? We are worried that all the camp sites will be filled up when we arrive Tuesday night August 15. We may be able to switch to the week earlier if it looks like the area will be crowded. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Me and a couple friends will be doing our best not to spin our tires at Baumgartner next week July 20-25. Will be camping a little west of Smoky Junction next to the river. If anybody is around feel free to stop by and say hello. Dark grey Ford F350 pulling a camper.
  6. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know about the current conditions at Anderson? Water levels, Mosquitos etc?
  7. Is it possible to camp at Anderson Ranch Reservoir and then ride to the Trinities. Can you go directly from the reservoir or would you need to truck up to the trailheads? When I get home later I'll get out my Bill Dart maps and see what I can figure out but thought I could get some good info from you guys too.Thanks
  8. Does anyone have any new info on Baum? My group has decided not to come up July 23-27. Will waiting until July 30-Aug. 3 make much difference? Thanks
  9. If you're in the SLC valley you might get a price from Lindsays Machine Shop.
  10. There's very little or no legal singletrack around St. G or Hurricane anymore so I wouldn't get your hopes up. Maybe contact Pro Cycle in St. George and ask them where to ride a trials if no locals chime in.
  11. Was there on Monday. Dry with no mud.
  12. There's a RV dump at the West Winds Truck Stop in GR. It's next to the truck repair shop. There's a hose for spraying down the the dump that comes from inside the shop. The boys from GR could probably give better advice or comment on the quality of the water.
  13. My apologies to the original poster for participating in the hijacking of his thread. I also apologize to anyone in Colorado who I may have insulted. Even when you're not a mormon the mormon bashing gets old and I may have overreacted.
  14. I'm not mormon. A holes from Colorado come to our riding areas and leave their garbage all over the place. or park 20 feet away from your camper and proceed to party all night when there's several acres available. They have a problem staying on the trails for some reason (Moab last Thanksgiving for example). Probably cuz they don't care if the trails get closed. They complain about our regulations and now they insult our people on the web. Sorry Endurodog and the other good folk from CO but your bad apples really stink as evidenced here.
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