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  1. Yamaha Ma

    Need new bike/spouse, Think I'll keep the kid!

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. One thing that I love about riding is that, once I'm out on the trails and I'm on the go, all of the trials of life fall away. all I think about is the next turn, don't look at that rock, crevice, etc. And when the day is done, all that's still there, but I think Hey! I had a good day, adreniline pumping and I feel like I can face anything. Stay strong, and your son sounds like a good kid, hug eachother a lot.
  2. Yamaha Ma

    First Ride Report with Pics!!

    Seeing those pictures, brings back the time I took a vacation in Colorado, spent some time on a dude ranch. The colors of the Aspens were something I'd never seen before, just beautiful. Your pictures are outstanding.
  3. Yamaha Ma

    Driving on the tree line ??

    those are the kinds of pictures that just happen, luck, if you had planned that out, never would have happened. Nice picture.
  4. Yamaha Ma

    Sara & Trav's Excellent Adventure

    Wow, Beautiful pictures and a great story, you guys worked well together, your story had fun, adventure, danger, all of it.
  5. Yamaha Ma

    Am I over reacting to my kids w/ no helmet?

    At times on tv I've seen quad riders w/o a helmet and I do believe that it sends the wrong msg. We were camping over the summer, my son & his friend each brought their Razor scooters, my son went to put his bicylce helmet on & his friend said "ewww, you brought your helmut?" My first thought was "you little sh--t", but I made sure that I took my son aside & let him know, helmut wearing is an absolute. He's 13 and knows especailly with dirt bikes we are all about safety. Not only that he's my only child.
  6. Yamaha Ma

    Need advice - son moving up to a bigger bike

    Oh yeah, he took my 230 on the flat track at Hollister, and had the best fun, said he got it into 4th gear, (not sure I believe him) I told him Ok now, my turn to ride. Now that school is starting, I am holding good grades over his head as an incentive for a "new" bike. He's a good kid.
  7. Yamaha Ma

    So cal ladies.

    I live about 45 min. for Carnagie and about 1 1/2 hrs from Hollister. Last year at Hollister, for Thanksgiving there were about 25 of us that got together about a week before the holiday, we had so much fun. It was our 1st annual "Turkey in the Dirt" and yes we had all the fixins' It's so much fun to get together w/ family & friends. Always someone to ride with, or just sit back at camp & talk & relax. I hope that it can come together again this year.
  8. Yamaha Ma

    Need advice - son moving up to a bigger bike

    Thanks everyone for the good input, what I might have him do is research his choices and we'll go through a process of elimination, I'm sure he'll take to it, knowing he has a stake in what the next bike will be. I appreicate all the good suggestions.
  9. Yamaha Ma

    Need advice - son moving up to a bigger bike

    tell me a little about it? Just starting to do research.
  10. Hi, I'm needing help here, my son is 13 1/2 yrs old, 5'2" tall, wt about 125 He currently rides a TTR125 & a RM80, He's too big for both, likes the TTR for the trails & the RM for MX. He wants a new bike REALLY bad, but he's growing so fast, I'm worried about what to get him. I ride a CRF230, and he's ridden it around the camp and on a flat track he handles it well, so well that it scares me. He has great hand/eye coordination. So my delimma is what's next? Any advice? Thanks.
  11. Yamaha Ma

    Things not to do when cops are near

    Funny story, I could just picture it. I love that I'm mid-fourties and when people find out I ride a dirt bike, they always say, "I never would have thought" I love that I'm in a sport that's fun and takes the stress away.
  12. Yamaha Ma

    why quads

    My experience with Quads has never been a positive one, they take over the trails, will run a person off the trials if given 1/2 a chance, they are rude and don't follow the etiquette of the trails. They need their own area, away from the dirtbikers.
  13. Yamaha Ma

    The Horse Connection!

    I started working at a boarding stable, and would get to ride when there were no lessons, or stalls to clean, I still love the smell of manure. My parents were going to get me a horse but I got braces instead, I would have been the happiest buck tooth girl around. Still love horses and wish my budget would accommodate all things fast.
  14. Yamaha Ma

    New Female Rider HELP!!!

    Oh by the way, really good advice from Nice User Name. I totally agree, no matter what bike you ride/own.
  15. Yamaha Ma

    New Female Rider HELP!!!

    I upgraded last year to a 230 from a TTR125, I LOVE IT. I feel like a big girl now. I feel more stable especially on the river bed/rocks. I'm about your Ht & Wt, I am on tippy toes a little, but for the most part it's the greatest bike for me. I feel with this bike that I will only get better & better.