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  1. Does anyone know where you can get those yellow track boundary markers you see in the national outdoor MX series? They would be nice to use instead of tires on my track.
  2. Just had the exact same issues with the pipe for an '07. I used the supplied bolt also. Poor instructions included with the pipe. How was the fit with your muffler? I had to push up on it pretty hard to get the bolt holes to line up.
  3. sleestock

    sprocket size

    I'm running 13/47 and am using 1st, 2nd and third gears most of the time on my '06 450r. I want to start using 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears so I don't have to cross neutral. Would jumping one tooth on the front be too drastic get me close to the same feel out of the new gears? Maybe a 50 on the rear?
  4. sleestock

    Motocross Action

    At first I thought it must be the great meds I'm on right now. I did a double take and WOW!. Your brand new baby made the cover of Motocross Action. They must have been tired of the death threats from you guys.
  5. sleestock

    repack tips please

    This is my first time repacking the stock exhaust for an '06. I'm used to using Dr. D stuff for my Yams which is soooo easy. Any tips from experienced guys on product and install for the CRF would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have heard this too. Waivers won't hold water and show that the property owner is aware that a dangerous activity is going on. Collecting fees makes it commercial. The owner is taking a risk no matter what if he lets people ride. But "recreating" may be the best way to mitigate risk for a non-commercial track.
  7. sleestock

    Build your own track

    I use a crawler/loader. Jumps and whoops are easy. Just dump dirt, shape and track in all with one machine. I don't like gouging the ground like you would with a bulldozer. Instead I carry in dirt from a stockpile for each obstacle.
  8. sleestock

    Mark my words...

    Me too. I have a relative that laughs out loud every time at that commercial.
  9. sleestock

    I love this pic

    Your probably right. I've never claimed to be perfect like the great and honorable Mr. Honda.
  10. sleestock

    VP Racing Fuel

    Please explain.
  11. sleestock

    Do I really need an '06???

    Wrong. There won't be drastic changes for the bike for another four or five years. The changes for '06 will be the basis for the new models until they do a major design overhaul.
  12. sleestock

    Do I really need an '06???

    I'm not sure what a semi-pro is in motocross. Anyway, any level of rider would notice that an '05 feels like driving a dump truck around the track after getting off an '06. HUGE leap forward.
  13. sleestock

    I love this pic

    A Honda freak would've titled your post "I love this GIF". He cares about the details. That's why he bought a Honda.
  14. sleestock

    '05r front wheel fit '06r?

    I want a back-up front wheel for my '06 450r. Will an '05 fit? If not, what are the differences between the two wheels?
  15. sleestock

    Quiet Pipes = Not As Cool!!

    It's true. Loud=cool. This is why no one likes Lance Armstrong.