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  1. I would be careful using a drill, usually I use something pointed and bend the first coil inward towards the center of the hole, then grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers and gently pull, it should stretch out kind of like stretching a spring, usually helicoil problems are from improper hole size before tapping. If the helicoil is "threading" the bolt then most likely the pitch is the helicoil is a 1.25 pitch and the bolt is a 1.50 Hope this helps and good luck
  2. Sounds like an air leak..
  3. Mine is priceless...but if you got 8k..
  4. True and balance your wheels, it really helps a freeway speeds
  5. I finally got some time to make a speedo mount, I used a material called Acetal, it's a carbon based high performance plastic.. Mounted the front blinkers Next up will be mounting these bad boys
  7. That skirt wear looks like the bore may be out of round
  8. Good Job, looks great
  9. Spring has sprung...Time to Ride:banana:
  10. Here's the manual, need to download it.
  11. From the looks of how clean that bike is, it's probably been pressure washed, keep an eye out for lower frame rust, I would drill a small hole between the right foot peg mounts, that's were the water gets trapped..and make sure the vent holes in the frame are kept clear.
  12. I'm running the single cable option detailed in post # 106, works real slick..
  13. Stock bore size with 10.5 comp JE piston, stock cam, UNI filter with open top air box, FMF slip on muffler.. I had mine out on the freeway the other day and according to my Vapor speedo, I hit 73 mph, the motor still wanted to pull, but I just ran out of gearing and balls
  14. I,m running a 47.5 pilot, lowered the clip (KTMLC4) one notch, and 152.5 main, also drilled the slide, i'm thinking of increasing the main to 155 to see how it feels,
  15. what he said If you want to save some cash and your stk cly is o.k, JE makes skock bore 10.5 comp piston, mine runs fine on premium pump gas also