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  1. dahen

    Stock Handlebar spec.

    http://www.renthal.com/File/apps1.asp?tabtype=5&productid=0&appid=MOTOCROSS/ENDURO&zone=&biketype=&manufacturer=&model=&bikedate= RC/971 Bend
  2. dahen

    Acerbis Seat for 2009

    Yeah, Its very firm, takes some time to get used to I guess... The grip is awesome also, I almost get my pants pulled off out of corners
  3. dahen

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    My 2010 waiting for warmer weather...
  4. dahen

    Oil leak KX450 -08

    Thanks! I thought of putting in a helicoil but the problem is the crack between the part that is broken and the case, theres where the oil is seeping so a washer won't help is I understand what you mean. What do you think of filling the hole with some kind of sealant?
  5. dahen

    Oil leak KX450 -08

    The outer "ring" of the hole is missing but the oil is coming from inside the hole. I tried taking a picture but its hard to get a good one, still havn't had time to wash the bike, sorry about that
  6. dahen

    Oil leak KX450 -08

    Hi. Does anyone know how there can be oil coming out of the hole for the upper mounting bolt for the chain cover when the engine is running? I bought the bike used last november an I've ridden it 4 hours since. I have noticed small amounts of damp dirt stacking up by the clutch arm, asked a couple of guys who thought it was the chain lube but last weekend when riding hardpacked I saw a drop of oil below the upper bolt for the chain guard. when I removed the bolt I saw the outer parts of the hole is broken and the threads also and there is oil seeping from inside the hole for some reason, how can this be? I'm thankful for any tips how to fix this without having to buy a new crankcase /Daniel
  7. dahen

    Getting a 03 or newer KX250

    2005 info: http://www.motorcycledaily.com/18june04_2005kawasaki_kxs.htm
  8. The YZ actually has almost 2 inches higher seat height than RM/CR/KX and 3 inches higher than KTM SX.
  9. dahen

    swedish mx movie

    Which tracks in the movie?
  10. Hi. I sent my suspension away for a revalve and new springs for my 210lbs. Got it back yesterday and last night I tried to set my sag but couldn't get it right, it still seems like the spring is too soft. I talked to the suspension guy and he says that the stock spring should be 5.1 and he installed a 5.3, though when I check I see that both springs has a yellow dot so to me it seems like its the same rate, also Race Tech claims to have measured the stock spring to 5.3. I bought the bike used from a dealer who didn't know anything about the bike so the previous owner could have changed spring already, does anyone else with the same bike know what colorcode your stock spring has?