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  1. Anakedman

    cr 125 wheels

    I have a spare rim off a 2001 cr 125 never used. Dont know if it will work or not.
  2. Anakedman

    Hatfield McCoy trails on a cr 125?

    I have a oversized tank for 2001 cr125 if you want to buy one. I have rode the hm trails and wasn't impressed you can ride similar trails a haspin acres in southern IN. You will be fine with your 125 though. I rode with a little kid on a yz 80 and he never ran out of gas.
  3. Anakedman

    Epic fail of the day

    I took off my brake pedal to do some thing (can't remember what). But didn't know the bolt had a cotter key through the end of the bolt. The bolt came out very very hard. Messed up the threads too. Ended up puting in a helicoil. Fixed it. Now I know to double check those brake bolts.
  4. Anakedman

    Baldwin Area Riding And Tickets

    I got pulled ove 5 times last year in Lake co. No ticket just regular questions. All Legal.
  5. Anakedman

    tail light not working question?

    just fixed the same problem as the orignal poster. I got a new main relay thats the relay on the clutch side. Fixed it. For now
  6. Anakedman

    Baldwin Area Riding And Tickets

    Maybe he won't even show up to the court hearing then you win.
  7. Anakedman

    Time to lighten UP!

    so whats the best way to install the airfilter right?
  8. Anakedman

    Any one have a stabilizer for there crf230?

    Does the stabilizer help on the 230. The "mounts" i was talking about was sub mounts or reverse mounts. But I seen on brp web page that they don't off sub mount. So my next question is how far does the stabilizer sick up off the bars? Is there a way to make a sub mount kit?
  9. I want to get my ol lady a scotts steering stabilizer. I have one on my 250x and she loves it. What mounts are good for the 230? Thanks
  10. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000CSWHCY/ref=ord_cart_shr?tag=slickdeals&_encoding=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&v=glance Figured I would pass this on.
  11. Anakedman

    250x Only Forum?

    Back when......I can remember that crf250r and crf250x were grouped together.
  12. Anakedman

    need a quick tire repair

    One of my dads tubs has 4 patches on it. It was a mixture of pinches from install and a big rock. Still works and lasts if you take your time preping the surface, then leting the glue dry. Never use the slime patches there called scabs they suck. Well you could use them if you like to change tires.
  13. Anakedman

    Anybody using the BRP/Scotts Sub-Mount Kit?

    I have the kit and it is sweeet. I put woods low bend pro taper bars on it. They feel a little low for me (6'0). If I would do it again I would go to a high bend so I could stand up strait and not be bending over slightly. If I stand up and try to grip the bars my Calais will touch the bars. So I guess its about right maybe a inch or two low.
  14. Anakedman

    skidoo studs in dirtbike tire

    When I did my tires I used tapcon screws and jam nuts on the outside of the tire. Took a long time becase i drilled out every stinkin knob. But it works great.
  15. Anakedman

    new rotor?

    In your manual there should be service limits to the rotor.