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  1. aikiman22

    Re-jetting for pump gas?

    I have a 2005 CRF250R with an 06 RHC ported head and valve train and JE Hi Comp piston that I am getting ready to sell. The bike is currently jetted for VP U4 and I am wanting to re-jet it for pump gas to make an easier sell. Any suggestions as far as jetting changes needed?
  2. aikiman22

    Air Filter Survey..

    I also have a Pro Seal installed in my air box. I used to use grease but the Pro Seal is so much nicer. Used in conjunction with a Twin Air system you get a positive seal as the frame of the Twin Air slightly imbeds the filter lip into the neoprene.
  3. aikiman22

    Recluse Auto Clutch?

    x2 I won't own another bike without one. I ride the track a lot or at least used to and found that the rekluse worked great at the track. You still have full control of the clutch via the clutch lever and if you happen to lock the rear wheel the bike doesn't stall.
  4. aikiman22

    Knee injury Memorial Weekend

    Dr. Mark, Over the recent Memorial Day weekend I injured my knee while riding my CRF250R. I was riding down a trail when the rear end kicked to the left so I stuck my right foot down to stabalize the bike and immediately felt a very familiar pain (i ruptured the acl in my left knee back in 84 in exactly the same way). I rode to a near-by group of friends, got off the bike and tried to put weight on my right leg. The knee buckeled in a way knees are not supposed to bend and I hit the ground. After much prompting from my friends I agreed to a trip to the ER. They did pretty much what I expected them to do, x-ray, knee immobilizer, diagnosis of knee sprain and a rx of elevation with ice and pain killers. After the ER visit, I was on crutches and non weight bearing on my injured leg for at least a week. I made an appointment to see my orthopod as soon as I could get in. He said that I might have torn my medial collateral ligament as well as my acl along with the associated menicus damage that usually occurs with such an injury. He recommended an MRI in a couple of weeks to verify the diagnosis and then at a minimum orthoscopic surgery to clean out the knee. The thing is that I have been unemployed since March and although I have taken out personal medical insurance as a stop gap measure, it has some pretty high deductibles and would cost me significant $ to go thru the MRI and necessary surgery. My question is, is there anything that I can do while I am waiting until I can afford the surgery to begin to rehab the knee?
  5. aikiman22

    Rekluse for newbie???

    Sorry, didn't mean to drag up any unpleasant memories. You can have it in any color you choose.
  6. aikiman22

    Rekluse for newbie???

    I forgot to mention that if you call in the next 30 minutes you can get one for the amazing low price of $29.95 and we will anodize it pink at no extra charge.
  7. aikiman22

    Rekluse for newbie???

    Hey I resemble that remark!
  8. aikiman22

    Rekluse for newbie???

    Like I said not everyone likes the Rekluse clutch. I have heard of people having clutch problems while using the Rekluse but most have been attributed to either an improperly adjusted clutch or riding in the wrong gear (it is after all an auto clutch not an auto tranny). As I mentioned earlier, I won't own another dirtbike without one. I am an old man with short legs and bad knees and there is nothing worse than having to kick start a hot 4t on a steep hill side. My Rekluse has virtually eliminated any stalling issues and in the 18 months I have owned it have had 0 issues with it.
  9. aikiman22

    Rekluse for newbie???

    Would you like to stall you bike a lot less often, be able to concentrate more on clearing obsticles and negotiating tight trails or just like to get killer hole shots? If you answered yes then the Rekluse clutch might be to your liking. Contrary to popular belief the Rekluse doesn't do away with your clutch at all. When properly setup all the Rekluse does is automatically engage the clutch anytime the engine rpms drop to idle speed (or whatever engine speed you choose for engagement). With the optional perch adjuster you have complete control of the clutch via the clutch lever. I know some people don't like them for whatever reason but as for myself I can't imagine owning another dirtbike without one.
  10. aikiman22

    What is CR125 equal to in a Four Stroke CRF250R

    I am 48 and was in the same type of situation a couple of years ago. I choose to go the 4t route and bought a 2005 CRF250R and could not be happier. The 250R will allow you to race in the beginner class, 125 class or any of the senior classes. I know that you can read a ton of info here on TT about valve and/or other maintenance issues associated with a 4t but if you keep the oil changed and the filter clean you will find that you can go 18 months or longer on the stock valve train/top end. If you choose to go the 4t route you may pay a little more up front for the bike and slightly more for maintenance but any additional you pay for the bike up front you will probably make back on the back end.
  11. aikiman22

    !!!07 CRF150R ThumperTalk Project Bike!!!

    I say go for it. My CRF250R responded well to a port job, high comp piston, and G1 cam. Sure it made it faster for sure but also made it easier to ride with a wider and very controlable power delivery. If this doesn't wet your whistle then my next (and probably more prudent) suggestion would be to send the suspension off to Race Tech for a suspension revalve for her weight and ability. If this bike is for your daughter, what a great dad you are! Are you looking to adopt?
  12. aikiman22

    stainless reusable filter

    I use a Scott stainless steel filter. I clean it with every oil change which allows me to keep an eye on any debris that might be in the engine. If you change your oil and filter frequently as you should a reusable filter will save you money in the long run.
  13. aikiman22

    RHC head?

    I only have an 06 RHC ported head, with a JE 13.5:1 piston and a crower power cam. I also run a PC Ti-4 system and use VP U4 in my bike and it absolutely rips. It pulls hard from idle and revs out very nicely. It is the most fun off road bike I have ever owned because it can do everything. It will easily clear any double I am brave enough to attempt and is a blast to ride in the woods due to it's light weight and superb powerband.
  14. aikiman22

    JE Piston

    Yes you can but if you really want to put a smile on your face try some VP U4.
  15. My apologies to pinger lovers every where for my last post.