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  1. Anyone interested PM me. I'm in northern california I want around 1000 for it. It's 2005 runs great, 15 hours of riding on it, never raced, has green sticker.
  2. I got the 125 bone stock, except i tore out the spark arrestor, really helped....Does pretty cool on jumps, when i get to about 7ft of air and land on a low landing it will bottom out...
  3. The Armoral tire shine sounds like it could work. What about duct tape? stick it under the fenders and under the skid-plate, then when you're done just peel it off and the dirt will come off with it.
  4. Haha around this area we have 2 DIRTBIKE cops, one rides around a yz250, and the other I don't know what he rides...
  5. I'm down in the Modesto area, can't find anywhere to ride for pitbikes, except our own track we built. I'm not really in Arizona, i'm in california.
  6. how on earth?
  7. if you're talking about me, I don't have an RCM i have a sikk 125... but theres an RCM picture
  8. power wheelies on a 125 pitbike wont kill ya on a f4i they may though he'll be fine though we both told him how to do it the clutch way... Just gave him another idea
  9. lol you won't kill yourself if you know what you're doing
  10. I run 10"s it's pretty easy to ride with them
  11. first pull the clutch in, then twist the throttle back some not too much, and let go of clutch... I usually do my wheelies in second gear though and I slow down, but I don't use the clutch i just twist the throttle once let go twist again, lean back a bit and the front end comes up...hehe good ol' powerband
  12. I jump a stock Sikk 125
  13. would a pitbike keep up well in the sand? I know I took mine up to Pismo but i didn't have a paddle, just lowered tire pressure, it did alright on the sand highway, couldn't do any serious riding though.
  14. ahh I'll need help with that jetting business, I have no idea how to do the jets, im kinda sucky tuning carbs
  15. holy cow, thats sikk.... I have a sikk 125, how does the 26mm carb do on it?