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    Pro Tapers

    Has anybody heard about Pro Taper universal Handlebar mounts. they mount directly to the stock triple clamp. Mounts and Pro Tapers will cost about $160.00 . This set-up raises handle bars which is just what i'm looking for. Great Forum guys. 00wr400
  2. aftershock

    Larger fuel tanks for the TE 250/450

    Moose, thanks for the link. I'm tired of carrying an extra 1/2 gallon of gas on my back and still run out
  3. aftershock

    I'm back on a Husky.

    Badknees, congrats on the new beast . Uncle_Moose How did you do at the Wildboar? I ran out of gas right at the last check just before the gas stop. I was able to coast down hill to gas . At mile 56 she died with a very clogged air filter :mad:Just wasn't my day. I think I have some jetting issues. Doug TE450
  4. aftershock

    TE/TC 450 /250 Oil

    Unkle_Moose, The manual says 10w60, the sticker on the rear fender says 5w40. My dealer recommended 5w40, so I'm running Motorex 5w40.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. Garrett made a huge impact to our Thumpertalk family, I'm sitting here in tears. God Bless. Doug
  6. aftershock

    just made guard for wb headpipe

    Thats trick. What did you use to to get the right bend?
  7. aftershock

    E series repack

    Hugh, let us know if the re-pack quiets her down any. Thanks, Doug
  8. aftershock

    a few riding accessory tips and tricks

    Very trick freestyle.
  9. aftershock

    Crash and burn videos ?

    I'm doing a presentation on safty equiptment for motorcycles ( helmit, chest protector, pads, ect.). I 'm looking for the ultimate crash video. Thanks Doug
  10. aftershock

    I have joined the brotherhood !

    Welcome aboard Fryboy.
  11. Done. 2901. Thanks for the link.
  12. aftershock

    power now

    Check out the power now post on the YZ side. Very interesting.
  13. aftershock

    What does KTM stands for?

    Katchup, Tomato & Mustard
  14. aftershock

    ESPN SX coverage SUCKS

    I agree, David Bailey rocks. You can just sense that whan eckman goes on his rampage(and he always does) that bailey is biting his lip. Bailey speeks like a teacher of the sport with seat of the pants experence .
  15. aftershock

    Is SELLOUT one or two WORDS??

    Thanks for the heads up
  16. aftershock

    Mills Creek Ride !! PICS!!

    Thanks for the info Felix. Yea it did look like your buddy was having a ruff day
  17. aftershock


    Dang your bike still looks clean,what do you do wipe it down before each photo . Looks like some ideal dirt for being a dunes. No wonder everybody wants to go to Moab, it has everthing
  18. aftershock

    Mills Creek Ride !! PICS!!

    How many acres of riding? and is it open to the public? I might have to make a trip down there, I'm about 2 1/2 hours north.
  19. aftershock

    Mills Creek Ride !! PICS!!

    That place looks awesome . Where is mills creek?
  20. aftershock

    Is SELLOUT one or two WORDS??

    I may be naive to this but I thought the AMA was on our side , please fill me in.
  21. aftershock


    I use pro grip super bike. I only recommend them if you have totally enclosed handguards. They are very soft almost gel like, they are very comfortable which = less hand fatigue I have about 500 hard miles and they still look like new. Just make sure to use safety wire in the groves to eliminate slippage in the rain Doug
  22. aftershock


    Nice pics, all the bikes look nice and clean
  23. I raced the Sawmill Enduro this weekend. Every racer had to go through a tech inspection including a sound test. The line was 30 riders deep waiting to be inspected. When I rolled up to the line there were two rangers and a club member doing the inspection. Before I even started my bike, the ranger said "did you know there was going to be a sound test" I said yes. HE sais " I can tell you right now that you will not pass... start it up and lets see how far off you are, not one E Series has passed yet." I started the bike and he shook his head. "You are 108, sorry!" . 108 I said, I passed the last race with a 102! The ranger said " you still would have failed here, passing is 101. The only thing I can tell you is get the FMF pipe". I drove over 200 miles to make this race and wasn't about to give up. I went back to the truck and removed 8 disks. Surprisingly the bike started first kick. Much quieter, I went back to get inspected. The Ranger "said you are a glutten for punishment, start it up. 92, well i'll be. have a good race". I went back to the truck and installed 3 more disks (total of 8). Still much quieter but did not have the punch of 12 disks. At least I was able to race. I'll have the Quiet core insert before the next race, I hope it works. Doug
  24. aftershock

    radiator res. help?

    Ron, is there a web site that you downloaded those pics from? they are cool Doug
  25. aftershock

    White Bros. Quiet Core 2 insert sucks!!!

    freestyle, thanks for the heads up. Is the Pro Meg different than the E Series?