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  1. SkyHarborCowboy

    Stock XR80 JETTING

    Thanks Eddy, For the life of me, I can't recall the actual year of mine but I think it's an 86. Joe
  2. SkyHarborCowboy

    Stock XR80 JETTING

    What is the standard mid 80's for non California models? Thanks
  3. SkyHarborCowboy

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Does anyone know what the various amounts of Shock Stroke each of the stock XR models have on their shocks from all of the single shock models 100cc-400cc? I am primarily concerned with the XR200R and XR250R models for conversion purposes. I would also like to know what the shock body and shaft Diameters are if anyone has the information. Thanks
  4. SkyHarborCowboy

    84/85 Stock XR250R Shock Specs

    Can anyone tell me what the Length Eye to Eye are both at Max extension and Max Compression (without Bumper Stop installed)? I basically need to know the Shock Stroke and Max Length! Thanks
  5. SkyHarborCowboy

    1986-2002 XR200 Plastic Retrofit

    I wonder than if the Asian Market bodywork would fit our bikes?
  6. SkyHarborCowboy

    1986-2002 XR200 Plastic Retrofit

    The tank is a for sure no go without the tank as well. I was more referring to the side panels and rear fender.
  7. SkyHarborCowboy

    1986-2002 XR200 Plastic Retrofit

    I have seen some South American photos of 2013 XR200's that look like they have CRF Side panels and rear fenders. Can you replace the plastic on the XR200's with the more modern looking CRF230 body work? This video could be from the Philipines too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh3pOcIPjPc
  8. SkyHarborCowboy

    2006 crf450r suspension setup

    The correct spring weight is the single most important modification you can make to any bike whether you are play riding or racing!!!!!!!! Joe
  9. SkyHarborCowboy

    Polished my Frame

    To really bring out the shine after polishing get a soft cloth and put either fine all purpose flour or corn starch onto the cloth and buff the aluminum. This will get the last of the rogue out of the very fine marks on the polished aluminum! Joe
  10. SkyHarborCowboy

    06 CRF450 Water Pump

    Seal not the seam! Friggin spell correction
  11. SkyHarborCowboy

    getting tire off with air in it. i need help

    ACME stick of Dynamite! BEEP BEEP!
  12. SkyHarborCowboy

    06 CRF450 Water Pump

    Get al awl with a 90* tip poke a hole through the vertical face of the seal place the awl in there and gently pull on the seam and it will pop out.
  13. SkyHarborCowboy

    Actual Part Differences Between Rekluse CORE EXP 02-08 Vs. 09-11

    Crickets Are Making Pretty Noisy Now!
  14. Which parts are interchangeable between the two versions of this clutch? For instance, is every thing the same except the basket or hub etc? Joe
  15. SkyHarborCowboy

    Need late night help, Barnett Basket & gear?

    X2! Unless you have a contact at a machine shop, expect a large charge! Joe PS. Arent you guys supposed to work on your bikes in the winter and ride in the summer?