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  1. hellboy

    Free Style the movie...... What?

    All you guys say you won't see it ,will be at the first show with your gear on.come on stop trying to be the tuff guy:smirk:
  2. hellboy

    breather hose RE routing ??

    I pulled my cover off the other day to check my valves and found dust on my head too,valves where ok.I only ride track,seems like a bad design to me:bonk:
  3. hellboy

    shock/spring rate

    From what i under stand from race tech, yamaha put front springs for a 200lb rider and a back spring good for 180lb rider, i'm 210lbs their figures comes out to .476 front 5.5 rear. stock is .47 and 5.3 are these rates with their valving or am i missing something? the back shock comes in between sizes, i can go 5.4 or 5.6,i don't know what to order.(2008 450 motocross only) Thanks for the help rob
  4. hellboy

    Wheel bearings

    Thanks guys:applause:
  5. hellboy

    Wheel bearings

    08 450
  6. hellboy

    Wheel bearings

    Can anyone tell me the ID and OD and width of the front wheel bearings and back wheel bearings. thank for the info.
  7. hellboy

    renthal chain

    Thanks for the reply. i owned an 05 crf450 and i ran a spacer and the wheel up front, i'm so happy with this bike from the honda it suits me so much better:ride:
  8. hellboy

    renthal chain

    Hey, do i need a spacer on my front sprocket to run the R3 oring chain and should i keep the wheel at the front or the back of the adjustment.(08-450) thanks for the info
  9. hellboy

    05 rad braces

    will 05 works connection rad braces fit on a 08. thanks for the info.
  10. hellboy

    suzuki loses another one

    I can't wait no longer the season is to short, yamaha can get me a white terd this week ha ha:p all the bikes are good these days, suzuki just gave me to many dates the bike will be in.the 250 is a nice bike but i weigh to much for it unless i sink money in to it (springs,revalve)then i'm at the price of a 450 that would suit me better. injoy your new bikes.
  11. hellboy

    suzuki loses another one

    Dealer just told me my bike won't be in till may 15. i just got back from the yamaha dealer and yz450 should be in this week.was going to get the rm 250 but the way suzuki handled this i can't buy from them, Its to bad because of there incompantice:naughty: the dealer has to pay.
  12. hellboy

    where can i get 08 rmz450 oem parts

    What do you think so far,did you get a chance to give it a good ride.
  13. hellboy

    i think i have given up

    I feel the same way as you but sounds like the new batch is coming in.sold my bike in oct and put a down payment in oct, if it doesn't come in by the end of the month i'm getting 250 going with suzuki only because of my dealer good people and good prices.
  14. hellboy

    New 08 RM-Z450, What should I check?

    I can't help you coldblood,cause i'm still waiting for mine, but was this new bike shipped in this week, i'm just woundering because i was told new shipment was coming at the end of march. Congrads on the new bike,rob
  15. hellboy

    Importing bike into canada

    What is a racers price, is this from your dealer or manufacture discount or both what would you save off list if you don't mind me asking. Thanks rob