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  1. wow Coolerking, your story is exactly the same as mine,new o4 xr4, gordons mods, would kill for a scotts!, mine has baja kit, led tail lite and 45w headlite, works great. ive had a couple dozen bikes over the years incl. a couple xr&xl`s and a good # of street bikes, xr4 is my fave. im 5`7, 135 lb, and keep up with the big boys no problem!! at 37 and feeling like 60, this is the last dirtbike i`ll "need" to buy, although i`m sure not the last i "will" buy. long live the xr.
  2. ill second that, campbell river is great for any kind of riding you want to do, ive got a few good pics but havent figured out how to post yet, quadra island is also excellent riding, even better if your licensed.
  3. great riding in the campbell river area, a little far away for you but if youre ever up this way bring your bike!