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  1. Ok, well i'm not to worried about the supsension being too stiff, because it's going to get revavled right away. I am more worried about what problems the bike has......
  2. What are all the problems you have had with a the 2006 KX250F? I'm looking at getting one, but I want to see if they are going to be a pain or not.
  3. You need to chill out bailtown. I see you are from MI, what tracks do you ride at?
  4. Yeah I needed 6x6 starting blocks. My regular bike is a RM125 lowerd an inch.
  5. You dont even know me, so how do you know its outta my league there bud?
  6. CloseRatioFour just to let you know, I have rode one of these bikes before, I rode a borrowed one, and won the race the first time I have rode the bike...
  7. hahaha, Hey CRFAWP or whatever, are you selling your CRF because you cant handle it or what? And im wondering are you keeping that z-50? or did you realize that was a little too much bike for ya too?
  8. OMG! Do you even own a dirt bike, let alone ride one? Thats between a 99' YZ125 and a CRF250. I am asking which is better between a 2006 Honda CRF250 and a 2006 Yamaha YZF250.
  9. What is a better bike the 2006 Honda CRF250 or the 2006 Yamaha YZF250?
  10. You are all retarded, You all have no clue what you are talking about. 250F has a lot more power then a 125! If you dont know that then you are shoudlnt even be posting on here. And if 250F's are "CHEATER" bikes, then why dont you get one? Is it maybe because you cant handle one? or afford one?
  11. Dont worry about the exhaust unless you absoulutly need one. Otherwise its a waste of money, an exhaust is only needed if you have mods.
  12. DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! Big Bores mean nothing in 125 or 250F class. It is all rider, there is enough power already there. Just ride more and get better!
  13. You all have no clue what you are talking about. If you are coming right off a 85 the best thing to do it ride a 125 for a year. Unless you are a bigger kid. And dont worry about the power, coming off a 85 to a 125 you will plenty of power to get used to. Go get yourself a 125, thats the best thing to do. I recommend the 2006 Yamaha YZ125.
  14. Well you might want to try and gain like 10 pounds, because someone 5 8 and 130 pounds is skinny. And Im 5 4 and 125 pounds, and I ride a four stroke just fine. You dont really have to worry about weight until you get to 450's. Dont worry about it you will be fine, also a new CRF250 will blow a 99' YZ125 outta the water!
  15. I dont think any of you are understanding his question. His question was is the bike realible. And who cares who made the frame. I would care more about the bike and not who came up with the first aluminum frame. You need to get a life.