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  1. they have the video where they announced the riders on transworlds website.
  2. Motosport outlet
  3. Racetown can get pretty rough and I guess I have been lucky but it hasn't been to crowded when I have gone. I really like the main track, the dirt is good and it has some nice and fast sections. Competetive Edge looks really good but i haven't tried it yet.
  4. Tyler Evans I just find him annoying
  5. btosports.com has it for 212.99
  6. they have them at btosports.com under brand new items but it is also a picture of the crf
  7. nice bike but nowhere near the real thing you can't make a replica because you can't buy most of the parts team Honda uses I think McGrath's bike at the x-games was worth a little more than 100,000 I like the bike and I'm not trying to put you or your bike down, it's just that those factory bikes are too crazy to even come close to recreating.
  8. I would get nervous and take a lot of pisses, it's better now though.
  9. None yet
  10. Thor T-30's. Want new ones.
  11. Dunlop 952's
  12. 2 crf250r's 1 crf450r 2 cr125's 1 ktm525sx 1 rm250 1 rm jr80