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  1. PW50power

    Yamaha What efi module do i use?

    So i can not decide what module i want to use on my 08 yamaha raptor 700. I want some opinions from people who have tried them and had expeirience with them. Money is not an issue!
  2. PW50power

    xrr up in third on power alone?

    well my ttr 225 can do that any day of the week with out even making an effort!!! O YA DUDE
  3. PW50power

    Streetable 01 426

    I was wondering if the stator in a 01 YZ 426 would put out enough wattage to support a LED tail/brake light or if i will still be needing a upgraded stator? Also I was wondering if anyone that has streeted one of these bikes has pictured and if so please share them. I also have tranny problems and was getting ready to tear it down and i got a hair brain idea to put a Athena 480 big bore kit in it, and was wondering if that is worth the effort and what all else do you need to change in means of the exhaust and carburation? Thanks Jake
  4. I have a 01 YZ 426 and I am about to change the spark plug and was wondering if anyone had ever tried a split fire spark plug in there bike. And is it really safe to run AV gas, and what do you recommend for an air filter? Thanks for all the help.
  5. I was just hunting for something to improve the power of my bike, and had a idea to put a 650 head on a 250. But I was just curious if it would even fit if the bikes were from the same year 93. Thanks for all the help
  6. Thanks for your concern, I have a 1990 KLR 250 with a bad intake cam it got scored but I also have a 1986 KLR 250 that is out with the same problem and I was wondering if the exhaust cam would be compatable with the intake cam? Also it seems to be a common problem and was just curious if there might be any type of preventative maintenance for this problem.
  7. PW50power

    YZ426f jardine VS FMF

    I recenetly made the purchase of a 01 426 the bike has oodles of power but I want more and I'm looking into a jardine exhaust for and 03 450 that one of my friends have. I was wondering how many mods I would have to make to it to fit my bike and if jardine is even comparable to the FMF or GYTR. Also what combinations of head mid and mufflers that you may have found to be the best. Also if the are any tuning secrets or mods that I could do to enhance the power. Also any recomendations for jetting the carb would be helpful. Thank you and I appreciate all your replies.
  8. I recently puchased a CR450R and love it but I have some friends who want to race me one has an XR650R and the other has a CR500. I"m worried about the 500 but not the 650 actually what I need to know is has do you think this race will turn out , Both off road and Drag racing.
  9. PW50power

    XR 400 pros and cons

    I'm looking into buying a XR400 and was just curious what are some good things such as power and performance issues and also bad things too.
  10. PW50power

    Turning Fuelcock Off/fouling Plugs

    Is Aviation fuel hard on my bike and if so in what ways.
  11. PW50power

    Turning Fuelcock Off/fouling Plugs

    I have a YZ80 and it fouls plugs only when I dont run it in or above the power band but whenever I trail ride it fouls plugs like no other. so your best bet is to probably find a different way to ride or a bigger two stroke or a four stroke.