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  1. you know what the means for me lol i cant make it either i gotta work next time for sure
  2. nice vid anyone know the name of the song??
  3. cause i am suppose to be geting a crf450r pretty soon and i have been told to not waste my money and just hold out so i just wanted to take it out for the hell of it oo and does any one know what size that weird looking screw is????
  4. alright thanks guys im gunna take it out now and see how it is
  5. hey i can make 125$ in about 2 to 3 hours i will take it
  6. yeah I'm talking about that little plug in the exhaust you can take out
  7. lol ahahaha this thread is great what grade are you guys going into????????
  8. alright sooo pulling the snorkle out and not doing anything else will hurt the engine without rejeting and stuff
  9. i was wondering if i would be able to just take out the plug in the muffler on my crf150 and didn't do anything else would it mess up anything ????
  10. im down for that ride for sure
  11. does it have to hook up to a specific camcorder im thinking about ordering one sometime this week
  12. may sounds like a dumb question but i am looking to buy a helemetcame and i was wondering if the wires hook up to you video recorder or a dive that holds the memory chip
  13. alight sounds like what i will do any more suggestions let me know please thanks
  14. for sure go for a bigger bike than a 150 i got a 150 for my first bike and within no time at all i was riding my uncles 450 and wanting a load more power than the 150 i suggest the 250 you should be fine just take it easy till you feel comfortable and as for jumping a 150 i jump mine all the time and have rode at mx's tracks with it before but it does bottom out if you arnt careful
  15. thanks alot do you think the bbr springs would be could enough for my weight and the site talks about the 230 would that stuff also work on the 150??