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  1. john760

    Air Screw on 2001 TTR225

    Oops I found the air screw. Made the adustment and the bike is still sputtering after 1/4 turn on the throttle. Whats next??
  2. john760

    Air Screw on 2001 TTR225

    Im having problems with my ttr225 sputtering once the throttle is past 1/4 turn. Have anyone had this problem before? Where is the air/fuel mixture screw on the carb? I have looked and looked and cant find it. All help is much appreciated. Thanks, John
  3. john760

    TTR 225 Float bowl Problem

    I recently purchased this 02 TTR225 from a friend. It leaks gas out the float bowl drain for some strange reason. After searching through some past posts I tried tapping the float bowl in case something was sticking. No luck. I have the float bowl off the carb and narrowed the problem down. When the float bowl fills with gas the floats dont stop the flow of fuel thus over filling the float bowl and causes the spew of gasoline. Anyone out there have this problem??? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance, John