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  1. the above is a reply
  2. nobodys replied..... try a foam supplier , they have a range of foam . maybe one to suit you ...maybe.
  3. i fitted an full akrapovic system to my Fe650 and what a huge difference it made . i also raised the needle 1 notch.
  4. you say husaberg , i say iceberg they are that cool.
  5. if you want to make it turn in a lot better make sure you have the correct rear shock spring to suit your weight . i am 90 kilos and fitted a spring to suit my weight and the difference was remarkable
  6. i have a fe 650 e 04 , it has 120 hours and 8000 klm . husaberg of course , with no problems. it is expertly maintained . am i the only one with so many hours and no dramas ??????
  7. the old bikes are suspect , i have a 04 650 e with 120 hours and 8000 klm on it and i have just replaced the cam chain. no other problems.
  8. anybody who digs icebergs are super cool dudes.
  9. the later the model the better, i have a 04 Fe 650 e. all you need to do is maintain it , dial in suspension, and they are ready to race and win.
  10. in my opinion mx is harder than road , as an example , it is easier to road race than race mx . put rossi on a rmz450 , ricky on a moto gp and the truth would be told.
  11. buy a husaberg ' maintain it , use quality oil you can't go wrong.