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  1. whosahberg

    Gas Gas hard seats?

    the above is a reply
  2. whosahberg

    Gas Gas hard seats?

    nobodys replied..... try a foam supplier , they have a range of foam . maybe one to suit you ...maybe.
  3. whosahberg

    Berg exhaust

    i fitted an full akrapovic system to my Fe650 and what a huge difference it made . i also raised the needle 1 notch.
  4. whosahberg

    HUSABURG da "BURG" motoxotica

    you say husaberg , i say iceberg they are that cool.
  5. whosahberg

    Husaberg Fork Angle Change

    if you want to make it turn in a lot better make sure you have the correct rear shock spring to suit your weight . i am 90 kilos and fitted a spring to suit my weight and the difference was remarkable
  6. whosahberg

    husaberg reliability

    i have a fe 650 e 04 , it has 120 hours and 8000 klm . husaberg of course , with no problems. it is expertly maintained . am i the only one with so many hours and no dramas ??????
  7. whosahberg

    husaberg what they don't want you to know

    the old bikes are suspect , i have a 04 650 e with 120 hours and 8000 klm on it and i have just replaced the cam chain. no other problems.
  8. whosahberg

    Welcome Husaberg enthusiasts!

    anybody who digs icebergs are super cool dudes.
  9. whosahberg

    Husaberg Question

    the later the model the better, i have a 04 Fe 650 e. all you need to do is maintain it , dial in suspension, and they are ready to race and win.
  10. whosahberg

    Rossi vs Carmichael - I tend to agree with this guy.

    in my opinion mx is harder than road , as an example , it is easier to road race than race mx . put rossi on a rmz450 , ricky on a moto gp and the truth would be told.
  11. whosahberg

    Maybe a Husaberg?

    buy a husaberg ' maintain it , use quality oil you can't go wrong.