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  1. i just put the low beams in you have to buy a whole nother kit for the high beams
  2. i got the riken sport 8000k in artic blue, i bought them off ebay but you can get them off of their website rikensport.com. i didnt have to adjust my lights after either. ill see if i have a picture with them on at night.
  3. Mxrider1190

    Are valves that big of a deal on a yz250f?

    I have 170 hours on my valves on my 06, i just do the proper maintence and only one valve has needed a slight adjusting. I race in the b class so it sees some abuse
  4. there amazing its a night and day differnece once you get them you will never want any other lights, my dad drove my truck with them and he went and bought the same kit the next day.
  5. thanks man I just hosed it down the sprayed simple green on it and hosed it off. then i put some armorall of the plastic.
  6. Heres mine to start, its mostly stock. Has 17'' rims and tires from 06 silverado, 06 tail lights, 8000k hid kit, 20% front window tints not in pics.
  7. thanks man but im talking about the ti4r system not the ti4, its a new system pro circuit makes
  8. just wondering if anyone did and if you do please post a pic. I just want to see what the new pro circuit ti4r looks like on a yz250f and if its as long as the old style systems.
  9. does anyone have any pictures
  10. Mxrider1190

    2008 left over yz250f

    i got mine for 4198 out the door at bentlys in pa
  11. Mxrider1190

    Tundra vs F150 Sileverado Ram 1500

    I'm a chevy guy, I think my 99 silverado z71 with 4.10 gears would pull that toyota all over the parking lot. I might go to a toyota dealer and see if they wanna try.
  12. Mxrider1190

    Attn All Wny Racers

    no thanks, I bought the wnyma membership, I will not buy the wny racing membership
  13. Mxrider1190

    Just got a Factory 4.1 carbon repack question

    thanks, Im a novice rider so I should have no problem getting 10 hours out of mine
  14. it says in the instuctions that it needs to be repacked when the little heat marker turns color. If any of you guys run this pipe how many hours do you get on the packaging. thanks, mike
  15. Mxrider1190

    Pro Action Suspension

    I think it one of the best investments I put in my bike. It gave me a ton more confidence, I'm not bouncing everywere anymore or losing control in braking bumps. It is a night and day difference.