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  1. Hi. Want a used seat for my 2014 XT250E, can be from Model year 2008 through 2015, all the same. The cover & foam can be damaged, but want usable seat pan ( slight damage to pan, like scrape on edge would be OK). Want to keep the original seat for trail riding & have a custom touring seat made. It's too bad they don't sell the seat pans separate, I guess that would make too much sense. Thanks for any help, Pete
  2. PeterC

    XT225 Serow

    This Wednsday I picked up an '07 XT225 from World Motorcycles in Henderson, Nevada (SE area of Las Vegas). The price out their door was $4050, but I still had to pay $154.81 sales tax & $85.04 registration back in Kingman, AZ. So total cost was $4289.85, not the best deal, but OK. The local dealer wasn't going to get an XT225 till March, the dealer in Lake Havasu City had just sold his last XT225 & the dealer in Bullhead City wouldn't come down from an OTD price of just over $4600! World Motorcycles had a used '06 XT225, but sold it just before I called them Tuesday. I have only put about 32 miles on the bike on residential streets & slow country roads. I'm breaking it in right so not using much power yet. After getting over the initial awkward feel of a new bike I like the way the XT225 handles & know it will be better after I get it set up & can use full power. My other bike is a '06 DR650 Suzuki I have set up for longer adventure touring. The XT225 is so much lighter & much more nimble, I know I will enjoy it off road. I can actually lay it down flat & pick it up relatively easily! I also plan on doing some longer tours on the XT225. I will be checking out this & other sites for mods to improve the XT225. PeteC
  3. I've started my search for a Serow. From what I have found from the many Web Sites covering the XT225 Serow they are great bikes. I have a '06 DR650 Suzuki I have set up for adventure touring & really like it. I want a lighter DS Bike with a lower seat for rougher stuff & the XT225 looks like it will fit the bill just right. I'm keeping the DR650 for the long haul trips, but it is too heavy for this 65 YO to be hefting around in the ruff stuff. From CraigsList I thought I had a used 2006 that was bought new in 2/06. He had an extended warrant to 2011 & some riding gear (that I don't need). Bike only had 150 miles on it. He wanted too much for it at $4000. The Kelly Blue Book & NADA Book show the retail is only between $3308 & $3380 for a good used 2006. I was going to offer him $3400 & maybe split what he paid for extended warranty (What do they cost?) since it was transferable. He could keep the riding gear. Well I called him this morning & he said he was going to keep the bike. Maybe he will actually start to ride it now! There is also a used 2006 with 2000 street miles at a dealership near by & they want $3350 for it, supposed to be in immaculate shape. Not a lot of used XT225s for sale in my area. I'll see what I can get a new one for & if that doesn't work out I'll try to work a deal on the used one. Some how I'm going to get an XT225 Serow. PeteC
  4. You can find out just what the dealer pays for the bike from http://www.cyclebuy.com/invoice.htm. For a charge of about $12 you can get a copy of the "Dealer Invoice". It tells you the suggested list price, the dealers cost, how much the dealer pays for shipping, the manufactures suggested set up charge, any wholesale or retail incentives, etc. With it you have an idea what the dealer actually has in the bike & therefore what kind of a profit he will make. As for shipping charges they are included in the dealers cost for the bike & all dealers pay the same for shipping whether they are located next door to the distributor or 10 states away. The report includes tips & strategies for dealing with the dealer. When I got my new DR650 last January the report was helpful. PeteC
  5. PeterC

    stble mate for the DR650 - vstrom 650 or 1000?

    I have a 2006 DR650 I've set up for adventure touring. Here is a pic: I also have a 1986 XR250R with a Baja Kit to make it street legal. I've been thiinking lately that it would be fun to do some DS trips also with a lighter bike , around 250cc. I was thinking of using the XR250R, but they don't have a large load carrying capasity, have a high seat & there's no electric start. I'm almost 65 YO & want something lower & with e-start. What I am finding that has a great reputation is the Yamaha XT225 Serow! I know it is known as a girl bike, but a lot of guys like it too, & I'm talking about big guys like 6' 3'', 230 lbs. People do some serious long distance adventure tours on the bike, like Lois of http://www.loisontheloose.com/. Check out her trip from Alaska down to Argentina. Also check out what this guy said about the XT225, http://www.thumperpage.com/articles/Serow.html. The XT225 is supposed to be very reliable, have a carrying capasity of about 400 lbs., get 65 t0 75 MPG & can cruise down the highway all day at 65 - 70 MPH! What do you all know about this bike? PeteC
  6. PeterC

    Adventure bike??

    Here is a picture of my 2006 DR650SE. I really like this bike, the way it handles, its build quality, the way it rides down the road paved or dirt. It is a very reliable bike & easy to work on. It now has a Corbin Seat, light weight fiberglass tail box, quick disconnect Pelican 1550 Cases, skid plate, folding cruiser pegs, 9 gallon Aqualine Safari gas tank & a windshield. I have taken a couple of week long trips of about 2000 miles on it through Arizona, Colorado & New Mexico covering both paved & dirt roads. Many people have taken very long trips to Alaska, South America, etc. on the DR650s. PeteC
  7. PeterC

    Loud and proud!

    The following is a reply to a post on another site. The Poster basically said that he didn't care about loudness because he lived in an area where people are used to dirt bikes. I am against loud exhaust because it is only causing us problems with the government & the non-riding public. ---------------------------------------------------------- Well I guess that is all right if you are only on race tracks (even race tracks are imposing sound limits though) or you only run your bike locally where nobody cares, but that probable isn't the case. Anyway you don't need a loud muffler to get a horsepower gain & save weight. Save for a while & get one of the quiet mufflers. You seem to be obsessed with loud, in your Post you have, "which exhaust system will yield the most sound/Noise". Load is not going to make you faster or a better rider, it's psychological & more of a look at me type thing. Sort of like the "Punk" type kids with their studded bracelets, piercings, etc. trying to look bad. Well 90% of them aren't bad, just wimps playing a roll. The thing is that it is not all about you, there is a bigger picture. We are a small group with little real political power. So every time some idiot blast around with a loud exhaust or spins their knobby tire across some area where they shouldn't be we all look like shit. You’re just giving more ammo to the enemy. So when the day comes that more areas are shut down &/or there are ridiculous restrictions for after market product to modify your bike it will be people like you that will be bitching the most wanting to know what went wrong. You all need to grow up & deal with reality. ---------- PeteC
  8. PeterC

    DR650 starter woes

    What do you mean by it gets full power, but doesn't make any noise? Try jumping directly to the starter bypassing the solenoid using a known good battery. If it doesn't work doing that remove the starter & take it apart to see what the problem is. It may be something as simple as the brushes stuck in the brush holders due to moisture. You may be able to repair the starter with relatively inexpensive parts rather than paying a small fortune for a new one. If you are able to repair it make sure you seal the thing good with silicon gasket sealer when you reassemble it. Hearing all the problems with the starters & water intrusion I think I will disassemble mine periodically to clean up any water contamination. ----- PeteC
  9. PeterC

    2 Wheel Tuesday Cancelled

    The reason you see so much Nascar is because Nascar owns Speed Channel. The thing is a promotional thing for Nascar, but they still do show other types of racing & other auto & m/c shows. Did you see the coverage of the FIM Enduros from Italy & Spain? Mostly I only watch it for the m/c stuff, the F1GP & some historical stuff. I used to also watch the World Rally Championship, which was great stuff, but this year they took that off. I wrote to them when Nascar first took over Speed Channel & told them that if they stopped the m/c coverage I would be gone. The only reason I got Direct TV was to get Speed Vision (the name before Nascar took over). The reply about covering the other m/c activities is right-on. Maybe we should all contact Speed Channel & suggest they put together a show that has a broader coverage of motorcycling. - PeteC
  10. PeterC

    Found one finally

    That's a hell of a good price, are these new bikes? There are probable no real changes to the '07s so except for color, it will be the same DR650SE & you'll probable pay more for an '07. I realize that a lot of people consider the black cool visually, but yellow is a lot more visible on the road to other drivers. I would have gotten a yellow one if the dealer had it at the time I got mine (a blue one). All said though it is up to you & you have to make your self happy. PeteC
  11. PeterC

    Mikuni Carb fuel filter

    When I was installing my new Aqualine Tank I decided to check the little fuel filter that is located in the fuel line connection on the Mikuni carb. It is pressed tight into the carb fuel pipe & as I was prying it out with my thumb nails it popped loose & flew off who knows where. Considering that there are filters on the petcocks, how important is this little filter? Also have any of you ever had it plug off the fuel flow? Thanks for your help. ---- PeteC
  12. PeterC

    Carb screws to tight.

    I got an extended pilot idle mixture screw from Jesse for my '06 DR650 & the other day while installing it I decided to change out the float bowl screws with allen screw because I had read on this & other sites that they are hard to remove. Hard to remove is an understatement. I was using a proper size in good condition Philips head screwdriver & putting a lot of force on it. It got to the point that the screwdriver started to shear the screw tangs off. Those screws are sure made of soft metal! Tried using a small nosed vice grip type pliers, but that didn't work. I ended up using an impact driver. I didn't want to rest the carb on the plastic diaphragm cap on the bench while beating on the screws, so held the carb in one hand, held & torqued the impact driver with the other while the wife hit the impact driver with a hammer. Also tried to loosen the screw for the diaphragm cap by hand, but also had to use the impact driver on those. Decided to also remove & replace the two screws holding on the throttle cable bracket, not needed, but I was on a roll. Those were on so tight that the impact driver just rounded out the screw heads without breaking the screws loose. Was able to get them out using a full size pair of vice grips. Turns out Mikuni used an overly strong thread locker on them. I replaced all the screws with allen head screws. Used a small amount of LockTite on the screws for the cable bracket. My point is that you all should get in there & replace the stock screws installed by Mikuni because if you ever need to do any trail or road side repair your never going to get those screw loose with a hand held screw driver. I imagine Mikuni assembles these carbs using air impact drivers & probable even though they don't use extremely high torque it's probable enough that there is a little galling of the carb & screw threads. I'm going to contact both Mikuni & Suzuki about this; they shouldn't be putting out a carb you can't get apart with hand tools. While I had the carb apart I put a 0.048" shim under the needle. Also checked the float level & found it a little high & readjusted it. I/m going to start with the pilot screw set at 2 turns out, the stock pilot screw was at 1 1/2 turns out. Anyway check the screws on your carb. Has anyone else found theirs as tight as mine? -------- PeteC
  13. PeterC

    Does the DR650SE have a rev limiter?

    Mike: I've already done the break-in, have over 1000 miles on it & have done the first oil/filter change & service. I went by the book on the break-in; I'm real anal about breaking in a vehicle, m/c or car. Red lining at 6500 RPM would make sense for the DR650SE engine since it has so much low-end torque. The peak horsepower is at 6400 RPM, so not a lot of reason to rev much beyond that. -----------Pete
  14. PeterC

    Does the DR650SE have a rev limiter?

    josh: I'm sure I wasn't doing an actual 60-MPH. If I were I would be doing 7932 RPM. I'm sure the speedo is off by 10% by checks I've done on the highway. I was probable doing about 55 MPH. Fl-cracker replied that the rev-limiter cuts in at 7200 RPM, which is about right by my calculations. Using the primary reduction ratio, the different gear ratios, the sprocket ratios & the rear wheel circumference I worked up formulas for the MPH at RPM & RPM at MPH. The MPH for the gears at 7200 RPM are as follows: 1st = 36.7, 2nd = 54.5, 3rd = 71.6, 4th = 88.6 & 5th = 107.2. The DR650SE's max horsepower is 43 at 6400 RPM. Using my formula the speed at 6400 RPM is 95 MPH. I was able to get my DR up to about 106 MPH indicated on the speedo, which taking into account a 10 % speedo error would be about 95 MPH. It all kind of makes sense! Pete
  15. PeterC

    Does the DR650SE have a rev limiter?

    I have a new 2006 DR650 & was wondering if the engine is protected by a rev limiter built into the CDI ignition. I would think that a manufacturer of a bike like the DR650 that is sold with out a tachometer would have a rev limiter. The reason I ask is because the other day in order to avoid a car going way over the speed limit on a city street I wound the engine out in 1st & 2nd gear. In second the power dropped off making a sound like a rev limiter makes. The speedo was reading 60 MPH. It probable wasn't really 60, more like 54 MPH since I/m pretty sure there is a 10% speedo error. I calculated that at 54 MPH in second the engine RPM would be about 7000 RPM, which is about the limit for an engine like in the DR650. I hope it has a rev limiter because if it doesn't I probable floated the valves, which isn't good! Thanks for your help. -------------- Pete