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  1. darrenw

    Move my son from KDX200 to KLX300?

    Depends on the kind of riding. I think coming off the 200 smoker is good because he will likely have mastered clutch control. He may be faster on the 300 because he can spend less time keeping the 4 stroke on pipe (more grunt, low end IMO). Both are good bikes. I have one for sale...check the classifieds!
  2. I am actually trying to sell my 2006 klx300 which has a FSW header and pipe. I may just trade it in....if I do I will likely remove all aftermarket parts (Lots!) I will keep you posted.
  3. darrenw

    Is the 950 Supermoto. . .

    Compare the handling/flickability of your 625 and the 950? Vibes? Carb issues and epa stuff? I am comparing the 2 and will buy one of them. Thanks
  4. darrenw

    KLX 300R Supermotard???

    Sounds like a great idea...I may be upgrading to a KTM and it would be a shame to let such a great bike sit around. I think it has loads of potential. Need heavier brakes, wheels, tires etc. please post any useful info as you come across it.
  5. darrenw

    klx300 suspension questions?

    Problem is when seated until about 8 or 10 clicks the bike mashes down and just sticks. From about 10 until 27 or so the dampening allows the shock to rebound normally. How do I really know where I am?
  6. I have been experimenting with my dampening settings and find the owner's manual instructions accurate for the compression dampening(front and rear). However, the manual says there are 16 settings for rebound dampening on the shock but mine has a total of 36 clicks from seated to full out position. from seated to about 10 clicks out the rebound dampening appears about the same(shock rebounds extremely slowly to allmost not at all) from 10 to about 26 clicks there seems to be some change and from 26 to 36 no real change. Can I assume that the range they are referring to in the manual (0 to 16 clicks) starts at 10 clicks out from seated? see below Seated . . . . . . . . . 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 . . . . . . . . . Full out
  7. darrenw

    oops....no oil! Any advice?

    thanks for all the encouragement...I have ridden the bike a few times and can't tell any difference. I wont do that again!!
  8. darrenw

    oops....no oil! Any advice?

    I cant believe i did such a stupid a-- thing. I started it to warm it up to check the oil thinking i filled it...then noticed the filler cap loose and immediately shut it off. Put in 1 quart ran it for 5 min as directed in manual and rechecked, topped it off and ran it for a while. No odd noises or problems. hard to believe it would have seriously hurt it but just posted this to remind all KEEP YOUR MIND ON THE TASK AT HAND...FOCUS. I was interupted by a phone call...thats all it took.
  9. Accidently started my new crf150 after oil change and ran about 1 or 2 minutes in garage before I realized the mistake. Did this hurt my engine?
  10. Thanks Bill P. Interesting you suggest that because that is the exact bag I bought...the KDX one approx 8x5 or so. I did not want to have to spot weld or anything but I certainly see your point and that would be best. I put a large piece of industrial strength velcro down and "notched" the fender on both sides, 4 places in all to prevent slippage of the heavy duty ties. I really think it will hold my main concern is the rear tire clearance. ?? If you remove the rear shock/spring how far will the wheel/tire swingarm swing up ?? Hope my question is clear enough to understand and I GREATLY aprreciate your wisdom as you have obviously got loads of experience! I tried the moose bag and liked it but I was concerned about the fastening system...no doubt bolts would be best with reinforcement.
  11. Anyone have a good suggestion for a rear fender tool bag on klx300r 2006 model? I attached mine with heavy duty zip ties routed through holes in tool bag and then under the rear fender stright across passing beneath the tubular frame of the fender. My only concern is that if the rear suspension bottoms out how far away from the underside of the fender will the rear tire be? I noticed there is a roller above the chain attached to the frame which seems like it would "stop" the swingarm from moving up to close to the rear fender. The specifications say approx 11 to 12 inches of rear travel....does this mean 11 inches until the tire hits the fender? My straps are probably 8-10 inches above the highest point on the rear tire.
  12. darrenw

    aftermarket exhaust

    I am a new owner of 06 KLX300...now aware of all the intake and exhaust issues. My bike runs once it is warmed up but everything on this site is 100% accurate and I appreciate all the advice. Will re jet the carb and all free mods. Which header pipe? Is the four strokes pipe as good or better than some of the name brand stuff?