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  1. Check out or They both have the parts you need to either rebuild your engine, or put a chinese repop on it. I believe all Honda 50 & 70 cc engines are dimensionally the same going back to 1969, so just about any Honda engine from any year should bolt in.
  2. As for the allen bolt in the bottom of the fork, did you put the small washer back on and use thread fastner? Torque spec is only 15 foot-pounds, which isn't very much. If you tightened it any harder, you may have stripped the aluminum threads. As for the fork oil, you need to remove the top cap and take the fork spring out. Put 73-75 cc (2.47-2.53 ounces in each leg. Pump the inner tube up & down several times then bottom the tube in the slider. Holding the fork vertical, you should have 5.3 inches (135 mm) from the top of the oil to the top of the tube. Add or remove oil to get to this specification, put the spring back in, button everything up and you're good to go. Factory fork oil weight is 8 weight, for a tad stiffer action you might try a 10 or 15 wt.
  3. My son started on a CRF50 with training wheels at 3 years of age. It has a throttle limiter on it, so he couldn't go very fast at first. It just depends on the child.
  4. Any 4-stroke motorcycle oil will work. 10W40 works best for most air temperature ranges, but if you ride where it gets really hot, you can also use 20W40 or 20W50. Honda GN4 is good stuff, but so is Valvoline, Belray or Revtech 4-stroke oil that you can buy at practically an auto parts store or Walmart. The important thing isn't really which brand of oil you use, but rather that you change it regularly and you need to make sure it doesn't have friction modifiers added as that will gum up your wet-clutch plates. There is a circular API logo on the oil bottle. If it says "energy conserving" in the circle, you don't want to use it.
  5. You didn't mention it, but if you haven't done so, get him a chest protector. At that age, his mid-section muscles can't protect his chest or abdomen areas and if he goes down and falls on the end of the handlebars, the prognosis could be very bad. My boy was on his CRF 50 at three, with training wheels, and just turned seven. The throttle limiter is a god-send, especially for mom.
  6. fork oil height is 5.3 inches from the top (135mm) with the spring removed. Fork oil is listed as Honda Pro Suspension SS-8, which is probably 7 or 10 weight. For heavier riders, I'd start with the 10W.
  7. Try E-bay. There are usually both stockers and aftermarket forks readily available there.