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  1. is kw riding yet. He had broken his arm recently
  2. ok thanks, I found another post similar to this and they said the same thing. I've always heard grease any new bike but my previous bike, an 04 Crf450 was actually not bad when i tore it down the first time. thanks again,
  3. nevermind found it.
  4. anyone greased the linkage, stearing head and swingarm bearing on an 06 yz250. Just curious how well the factory may have greased them. Do I need to, I have not yet.
  5. 1. bubba (not who I like the best but how I think it will go) 2. RC 3.Reed 4. tedesco 5. byrne Lites 1.Short 2. langston 3.M. Allessi 4. Laninovich 5. J-lawrence