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  1. sandy woods

    DRZ motor weight

    Thanks all, this helps. I'm looking to get a motor shipped from NYC to Western Michigan. So i guess weight would be packaged, around 90#. Cool. Thanks
  2. sandy woods

    DRZ motor weight

    Anybody have an idea what a 400S motor weighs?
  3. sandy woods

    Big O.....Last ride Friday

    Yeah, we made it. It was perfect - wet, a little cold and real slick. With all the rain and the leaves down there were a lot of surprises. One surprise took by buddies bike and threw it against a tree, busted off the shift lever so he rode in third for a while. Didnt notice any more downed trees than last weekend. Not bad for the last ride of 08. Come on spring!
  4. sandy woods

    Big O.....Last ride Friday

    Two of us going to ride Big O one last time before the guns are out or the snow moves in. Starting aroud 10:00 Friday, anybody off work come on up.
  5. sandy woods

    Big O ride Friday

    A couple of us going to ride Big O area on Friday. We park at the south big o lot on 18-mile/96th west of big star lake. We look to get going around 10 or 11 and ride all day. Anybody want to join in, come on up.
  6. sandy woods

    DRZ Service in Grand Rapids area

    No, I dont know anywhere to ride down here, it blows. Closest is the dirt roads in Robinson Twsp but that gets boring real fast. I am thinking of going up to lower Big-O on Sunday, this is by Big Star Lake. Know for sure by Saturday nite. Might go next weekend too since i havent ever rode this year. This is my latest start ever! Let me know if your up for either day.
  7. sandy woods

    DRZ Service in Grand Rapids area

    Hey eric & yzman - thanks for the ideas - but I got the DRZ going by doing a jump start tow down my street. It now runs and starts as always which is great. I was dreading taking it for service since I do most everything myself, was just tired of the time spent trying to start it. Cleaned the carb twice, new battery, cleaned and checked all connections and so forth. Anyways - eric I saw your other post too and I ride a lot from white cloud and the big-o, so i drive right by marne when I head up there. I will drop you a pm. Always looking for for someone with a plated bike to ride with. Also looking for a nice campground up around there so the wife and daughter can come up now or then.
  8. sandy woods

    DRZ Service in Grand Rapids area

    I'm going on spending the last 4-weeks trying to get my '03 DRZ running after winter storage. no luck, it is driving me nuts, I should be riding this weekend. I am getting close to bringing it in for sevice, so anybody have an opinion on the best service shop? I'm in Grand Haven so closest is Babbits or Shaumit Hills. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. sandy woods

    Please Help - can't cold start

    I am having the same cold start problem but my 03 S wont start at all. This is going on since breaking it out of winter storage, i am checking everything in this and related threads ith no luck so far. One question - the bike has never done this on spring start-up and up to my last ride in November, it was and always has run great and started easy, how can the valve clearance be an issue? I mean the only variable is been off season start-up, if the valves were fine then, why not now? Thanks for any help, I am at the point of taking it to the shop, dont have the time for this puzzle.
  10. sandy woods

    Bike ran great two days ago, now won't run

    I'm having about the same problem. Just got around to finishing the winter projects, new chain,sprockets,tires, re-packed the FMFpower core, replaced the right radiator and more. Got it all back together, fresh gas, charged battery - turn the key, hit the e-button, and crank-crank-crank-but it does not want to start. Looks to be getting good spark, tried new plug, same plug as last season, no difference. Gas flowing from tank to carb, vent line looks to be working. I took the carb off and cleaned, didnt see much scum, if any, in the carb. Clean air filter too. Was running great last fall, did an oil change before storage, put some oil in the plug hole and all. Really strange, this bike has been stored every winter for the past 4 years and has always started right up in spring. Guess what i'm doing this weekend. Ghetto, good luck, let me know if you find the beast. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
  11. sandy woods

    40 yr olds , what was your spot back in the day??

    Oh man - reading this thread is great, I'm all wound up now. grew up in Parsippany, started riding at 12 years old - a yellow/gray mini trail. Rode dirt up till about 20, went street, went back to dirt, then got the hell outa NJ. The places we had to ride back then, as a kid there was the rifle range (until the town grabbed and made it Old Troy park) on the Parsippany/Whippany border. The big (at least back then) sand hill, the crater, frog pond, trails from there all the way to East Hanover, then split off to Troy Hills. Rode there all year, winter and all. Parsippany cops would rag on us when they were bored, but once you got to the top of sand hill, wave bye-bye and into the woods we went. Once I had to flee without my helmet and jacket, me and my dad had to go to the police station to claim, got a short scolding, that was it. Rode there until a Boy Scout troop decided to build log steps right up the middle of the sand hill. After we dismanteled all that hard work - it was over. Hell, it was over regardless. From the Whippany side, we could ride trail all the way to RT. 10, come out behind Surburban Propane - cross 10, no cement divider back then, and ride right to Slegars/Forbes huge bike shop. A 14-year old kids fanatsy land. They had everything in that place. Also were trails through the back side of Lk. Parsippany to this huge open sand pit on Rt. 10. You could hop the power lines from there, they ran west and we could take them all the way to Dover. I remember hitting a road, we started pushing to be safe, a car comes by and I flag it down. It's a guy, I ask where we are?? Randolph. Ok, hey, do the cops patroll back here, is it cool to ride the street? He bends forward, takes out his badge and suggests we dont do that! No problem. He let us be but we decided to head back. Also on Parsippany was Fox Hill, tucked off Rt. 46. Great MX track. Then there was the Sand Pits in Montville/Towaco, the most awsome MX track and a kick-ass ridge/sand-hill. I remember never being hasseled there. Little bit north of the pits was, hmm, I gotta be politically correct here; N-word hill. And the apple orchard, power lines north to Rt. 23. Never bothered there either. More trails in Montville to Lake Hiawatha, etc.. Once I got a licence it was up to Stanhope and Hackettstown, gravel pits, RR trails, miles and miles. Well, all these places are GONE, condos or office parks or parks or whatever. Since my NJ days, I have lived in Indiana, Pennsylvania (Tower City - YEAH) and am now in Michigan. And still riding, a lot. Michigan is the best place I have lived for dirt - for sure. But I will never forget growing up riding in NJ. And you guys still have a ton of Enduros in the Pine Barrens. Ride On!
  12. I plan on being up there Saturday but I pit at the 18-mile road/96th street (whatever it's called) parking lot, near Big Star lake. This is a great parking spot, right at the bottom of big-O, go south - north -east - west, it's good either way. I'm trying to be there by 10, but I have this terminal problem of being off my plans. It would be cool to hook up and ride with you guys, maybe I can catch you on your way up to big-O, trail goes right through the parking lot. Look for the red ford van.
  13. sandy woods

    Tell me about the Horeshoe and Holton Motorcycle Trails

    I have ridden Horseshoe and Holton and dont think too much of either. Your gonna find sand there too, although the trail is pretty tight and WAY wooped out. You also need a plate/license for portions of the trail. I ride a DRZ400 with a tag on it, the last few times there the trail beat the snot out of me. So, I ended up just blasting the forest roads up there. I know Cedar is too much sand but at least Saturday it will be wet sand. I guess on a EXC200 or the like, that would be ok....but. Give it a shot, even a bad day of riding beats going to work!
  14. sandy woods

    Lake Cycle KTM in Grand Haven, MI

    I will hit Holton or Horseshoe when time is tight. I dont really like those loops all that much, way too wooped out, so I often just do small sections of the loop with two-track. i think that is pretty cool, I have a DRZ with a tag on it of course. I will hit White Cloud and Baldwin area for a one/two day ride sometimes. Also try about two weekends a month when possible up north, CCC rides most of the time. I like to do single track that is NOT whooped to death and two-track when in the exploring mood. Only lived out here about a year and a half, so dont know of any secret spots. I do know that if you want a major Burrito - go to Tip-a-few Tavern. They are one of the best. Scenery not as nice as Butches though. Let me know if you plan on coming up this way. My bike is mid project and I dont think I'll be riding till late April, but maybe I will get inspired.
  15. sandy woods

    Reading Anthracite Company??

    This does not sound like a bad thing at all. I moved from Harrisburg area about a year and a half ago, and belonged to Tower City for three years before moving. If you have a DS or even a tag on your bike, hell I would pay the 100 bucks, you could ride till you drop. If any of that land is the Broad Mountain area, or Indianhead or Black whatever(I forget the name of that area) , that is awesome. We used to ride from Tower City to Pottsville by trail, come out behind Matto, continue to New Philly, and on. To be somewhat legal doing that type of ride!!!! Thinking of this almost makes me miss the rocks. Almost. Take advantage of it if you can and RIDE! Luckily I moved to Michigan. there is no lack of riding out here. What they call rocks here are so small you could eat them and not even notice! Have fun out in PA.