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  1. paul69

    Changing fork oil

    I did not see that thread a few down ..
  2. paul69

    Changing fork oil

    Hello, I have a WR426F and i just want to change the front fork oil ,can someone point me in the right direction or a quick note on how to do it. The manual is not to clear, am i right in thinking remove the spring, pour out old oil, then with the fork pushed down fill to around 130mm from the top. Thanks
  3. paul69

    waterpump shaft and seals

    Ok i got the side cover off, the bearing is a bit rough so ill have to get one. the shaft is scored too, so im glad i got one in the end. i will put it all together so i can tighten the impeller with out risk to the key. thanks for your input
  4. paul69

    waterpump shaft and seals

    Ok thanks for you help,, better go and get on with it.
  5. paul69

    waterpump shaft and seals

    yes i took off the water pump cover then undid the impeller before removing the side cover.should i put it back on untill the side cover is off?
  6. paul69

    waterpump shaft and seals

    i took off the water pump cover then undone the impeller nut to remove it.. so i can leave the clutch in place and take off the side cover. Thanks for your help ill get a bearing too.
  7. Hello, I have to fix my pump on my 2002 wr 426 I have a new shaft and seals, do i have to remove the clutch to get the side cover off? Thanks
  8. paul69

    Leaking waterpump

    Hello on my wr426 the water pump is leaking out of the tell tell hole, is there just a seal i can get or do i have to buy a whole new pump? also is the timing chain tensioner auto or have to do it manualy. Thanks
  9. Hello, i have a pair of Alipinestars Tech 8 and i was wondering has anyone put the inner boots in a washing machine or hand washed them? Proberly a stupid question but you never know also what tyre presures for sand riding and should you have more or less rebound. Ta..
  10. Do any of you use a valve guard additive in your fuel or is it not needed??
  11. I had the same thing, it was cause i overfilled my oil and cold mornings, condensation in the breather pipe. 02 WR426F
  12. paul69

    suspension set up

    is it safe to leave the TPS disconnected?? The bike is better on the road this way no missing.
  13. I have a WR 426F 2002 with 3500 kms on it i was going to sell it because i thought the motor would not last long but i see K69mj has done a few Ks so i may hang onto it
  14. paul69

    suspension set up

    I disconnected the tps and now i can sit on the speed limit with no missing, also how many clicks are there on the forks, my friend say i need to stop the front end from diving into the sand ,on the bottom of the forks there are allen key bolts are these adjusters too or just the small screw on top? Thanks for your replies.
  15. paul69

    What are the benefits of doing the yZ Timing?

    so do you prefer the Wr punch or the smooth yz power?