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  1. what is the likely cost of fitting new rings... I can find a local mechanic who would work privately
  2. I will follow this post ASAP.
  3. okay thank you for all the replies.. I went for a ride yesterday... and again the bike smokes like a chimney when I'm purely decellerating.. I was ridingdown a hill with my head turned looking at the exhaust when I let go of the throttle in gear going down a hill it would smoke.. billow. when I slightly accelerated down the hill.. it would dissapear!!! this is driving me nuts.. so many mixed opinions..thankyou all for the support... i have concluded that i'll try a thicker grade.. non synthetic oil and see how that goes... but for the reason that it smokes purely decelleration must be a give away indication as to what it could be.
  4. I was thinking just that. Why would the valve stem seals be worn? the bike is only a 2003 job? I think that the previous owners might have buggered it from infrequent oil changes..? riding with no oil?? and overreving? but like I say it rides perfectly in general.. only when I ride down a hill does it smoke. Have these people maintained the bike??? Forgot to mention .. after a good ride i'll unscrew the dipstick and there will be oil vapours swirling up out of the well in the frame. I'm starting to think the people I bought the bike off were pure shite.
  5. It doesn't burn up oil that quickly, it's not like I'll be out riding and I need to carry oil with me wherever I go.. just when I come home I need to top it up. Will all this oil burning have a negative impact on the engine? what impact does riding around with a heavier grade oil have on a bikes engine?
  6. the spark plugs were clean as a whistle. I didn't think the bike was running rich.. looks like it's the valve stem seals?
  7. Thankyou for the reply. Currently I don't have the money to spend on repairing my bike however i'm interested in what might be wrong. It would be great if I could do something temporarily so that it doens't burn oil like it is now. A spark plug test I will perform asap.
  8. Further Advice From Fellow Tt Members Would Be Greatly Appreciated
  9. it Would seem that my problem is PURELY oil burning related. I filled my bike up with this oil as directed by the haynes manual.. and checked .. I went for a 6 hour commutering ride and when I came back it was on lOW. The guy I was riding with commented on how there was smoke (grey) that would bilow as I went down a hill. I had a talk to my old man the other day and he said I should get an oil additive to stop the oil being burnt and passed by the valve stem seals.. which he thinks is the problem?? he says this could be a temporary solution to this crappy little predicament. It would seem I could go about burning 4L (1.05 gallons) of oil in 3 days!!! I have been putting my bike in neutral and riding it down on my breaks every time I go down a hill! which is not only dangerous but it is burning my breaks!!!!! has anyone got any experience on fuel additives as such??? Should I maybe buy a thicker oil?? is burning oil in the engine a bad thing for the bike??? will it do damage.. ie if this problem was left untreated .. say for another coulple of months could it have a mechanical domino effect and damage another mechanical aspect of the bike.??? arghh my new years resolution was a clean bike
  10. q 1. The bike does not smoke up when I start it, it appears the only noticable time that the bike smokes is when It is travelling down hill.. when it is decellerating q 2. I'm not sure whether it was smoking before I had the bike serviced or not. there Is a friend I have been talking to who thinks it comes down to the valve stem seals? if it was purely an oily air filter that would be great? q 3. the air filter has been cleaned recently, the airfilter is not blocked. I had a friend ride my bike and tell me that he thinks it's not running rich. q 4. I haven't not checked the sparkplug.. it my friend thought the bike was running rich I would probably be inclined to do it. The situation is so that I have very little time to work on a bike myself, with little money to go out and get it serviced. (i'm a uni student who works a sad job) q 5. The bike is in other wise excellent condition.. it runs very well.. and looks great. IT was originally a western australian cattle property bike... from what i hear it was run quite hard.. as for the time and effort spent on maintaining the bike.. I would say it was minimal However,,, I have recently had it serviced and the mechanics commented on how the bike is in other wise in excellent condition. (stuffed clutch at the time perhaps an indication of a shite rider) q 6 . * motor oil 5100 Ester SAE 10w40 4T Technosynthese 4L (1.05 US Gallon), Brand MOTUL * # APl SG - CCMC G-5 , M033M0T012 - MA # @ A synthetic blend using Motuls ester technology special gearbox additive for better shifting. Suitable viscosity grade for hydraulic lifters. All types of 4 stroke motorbikes,touring,cruisers, sportbikes and off road. (perfect for heavy-duty ATV) Contains calcium sulfonayte. May produce and allergic reaction. @
  11. gordon is the don, soon to be modder
  12. sounds like you need a motocross bike
  13. you guys rock... I'll follow all of your guys advice tommorow when I have some time - and get back to you asap.
  14. I have been checking the engine oil level properly following guidelines set out bye a haynes manual. how could it be that the engine would be over filled? this is all really concerning me.. I don't have that much mechanical knowledge when it comes to bikes, but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars getting the bike serviced again.. I had a slipping clutch a while back to repair aswell.. this is turning out to be to much money spent on a end of season 2003 bike. DOES ANYONE else have any idea what this could be? driving me mad.
  15. okay.. I had my bike serviced a while back. Now when I go down hill .. particularily decellerating, my bike billows some grey smoke. And it seems to be burning quite alot of oil. It's really worring me.. the bike is only a 2003 model.. ex property bike ... and I don't think shit like this would arise so soon. I'm thinking It might be Valve stem seals?... what do you guys think? Anything serious? Is there anything I could do to make it easy for you guys to work out whats wrong? like how much oil is it burning per mile/kilometre.. how much do these bikes use on oil.. ruffly? it seems to be running a little hot to.. Some heat is running off the engine after an 40 min ride. what I really want to know is... What is it? How much would it cost to repair (expensive in Australia?) If left untreated will it cause serious/harmless damage to my bike? .. nearly forgot.. merry christmas and happy new year! I hope this won't cost me all that much