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  1. rtv

    04 cylinder on 05-07 cases?

    What would you like to know ? This probably isn't the correct thread to answering a carb related question, so send me a pm and I'll try to help you
  2. Have you had the cylinder base cut .030 and had the squish corrected yet ? They made the biggest difference in making the power more linear. The Suzuki NExx series needles are as smooth as you're going to get using the Keihin.
  3. rtv

    Base jetting help, 90 RM250, PWK Carb

    It all depends on which needle you use, but overall the base jetting that you have listed above is waaaaay rich for any needle that I would use. The needle jet is the most important tuning aspect in your carb, and thus everything gets tuned around it. With that said, I would start out with a Suzuki NECH needle in the 3rd clip position, along with a 45 pilot jet and a 172 main. This should be a safe baseline starting point for you to tune from. https://www.motosport.com/oem-parts/part-number/13383-37FC0?mmysource=suzuki;rm250;2007&partgroup=carburetor
  4. rtv

    PWK needle identification decoding

    No, not at all. the N3Ej is a duel taper needle and the N3Wk is a triple taper..
  5. rtv

    PWK needle identification decoding

    If it works for you and you're happy with it, good for you. https://www.partzilla.com/product/suzuki/13383-37EQ0?ref=446c53b84a521d1f8a49c16b0db406ab627736c2 https://www.partzilla.com/product/kawasaki/16187-1074?ref=3905f596c6aafcb96ee5a5f2a08b257611cec1ff They are both the same triple taper exact needle.
  6. rtv

    2007 cr125 38mm PWK w/ STIC testing

    That N3EJ needle is a very lean needle to be using in a 125. I would be worried about off idle hesitation, when the throttle is opened quickly from an idle. My 07' cr125 with a PWK would bog badly with that needle.
  7. rtv

    Why is my 06 faster than my 11 yz250?

    FWW, My nephew recently bought a used 17 yz250 that came with both the stock pipe and a PC works pipe. While racing the bike a couple of weeks ago he crushed the stock pipe, so while that pipe was out getting repaired I put the PC works pipe on so we could go racing the following weekend. I was shocked at how much power the PC pipe added over the stocker. It added more power everywhere, and honestly it was too much for the type of racing we do. The PC pipe completely negated the 13oz FWW I put on.
  8. rtv

    PWK needle identification decoding

    None of the needles that you have listed are really that close to that duel taper N3EJ needle. The N3WK needle is a triple taper needle from a Kawasaki or Suzuki. It's leaner on the starting diameter, slightly richer on the clip height, but overall it would be leaner than the N3EJ, but still more than likely usable in a 250cc bike. 1368m -s is a duel taper needle from a Suzuki ? I believe it would be similar to a single taper CGJ needle, which would also make it leaner than the N3EJ, but again still usable in a 250. 1469n-s is also a Suzuki needle, but has richer taper than the 1368 or the N3EJ, while having the same clip height as the 1368 needle, but is slightly leaner in the starting diameter. the N1EF needle is a triple taper needle similar to the N3WK, but with a much richer and shorter starter diameter. The 6D---series needles are for a MIkuni
  9. rtv

    PWK needle identification decoding

    Post what needles you have and I'll tell which is closest to a N3EJ. That N1EF needle is not even close.
  10. rtv

    YZ250X Slide #7 / #8

    His slide and his holder in your carb, you are good to go. You can NOT use your holder in his slide. That spring loaded holder is specific to Yamaha and some Suzuki spec'ed slides only.
  11. rtv

    YZ250X Slide #7 / #8

    Yes, you can his slide and holder only, in your carb. You can NOT use your spring loaded holder in his non Yamaha slide. The Yamaha slides are marked with an S on the top of the TPS pad. The spring loaded Yamaha holder, will over time will cause the needle to break, when used in a a non Yamaha slide. How much time ? Maybe a week, maybe a month, but make no mistake about it , it will break.
  12. rtv

    Can't find rm carb slide!

    Does know if other model bikes (cr, kx, yz, ktm) use the same slide? A part that plays such an important role in the intake/fuel system should not be that hard to get.. I need to know what slide # you are looking for. On the top of your current slide where the TPS pad is, there is a # stamped into it, what is it ? I believe the 04' 125 used a #4 slide , but can you confirm this.
  13. rtv

    Power Jet #40

    If you're happy with what you have now, run it, but that Suzuki needle will clean up the bottom end and smooth the power out. I've been into these carburetors sooo many times that wholesale change wouldn't take me 10 min.
  14. rtv

    Power Jet #40

    NEDJ in in clip #2, or NECJ in clip #3 with a 42 pilot and 170 main, with the air screw set at 1.5 turns out. This is all depending on an altitude of sea level to 2000' or so, and 60+ deg f. These setting should get you close. The fine tuning will be up to you.
  15. rtv

    Power Jet #40

    This is the reason a lot people are using the Suzuki NECJ or 1/2 clip position richer NEDJ needles. They eliminate that stutter/roughness just off idle that is associated with Yamaha's duel taper N3xx needles, especially when combined with a #8 slide. Not to mention that the Suzuki NExx series needles provide a smoother type of power from bottom to top.