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  1. frenchy498

    Ti shock Spring

    Does anybody know where to get the titanium springs? Renton makes them, but does anyone else? I need a 6.2 and Renton makes up to a 6.0.
  2. frenchy498

    Jetting for the 06 450 in Pa/OH?

    The 48 pilot is good for the colder temps (40°F) and I have the 170 main in mine right now, but I have yet to really break mine in. I do know it felt a LOT better after richening it up. It was almost disappointing after coming off an '03. Definitely need some heavier springs before really riding it.
  3. frenchy498

    Any Pa 450's yet?

    Picked mine up Saturday. 450LE version.
  4. frenchy498

    Any east coast 450's yet?

    I'm picking mine up today in Pa. Limited Edition 450! Came in Friday. Makes a great Christmas gift!