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  1. kenny168

    2009 kfx 450 problems

    I would also agree with this.
  2. kenny168

    kfx450 vs kfx700

    :ride:I have both if your going to ride motocross tracks get the 450 if trail riding is your thing get the 700.I have a aftermarket pipe DG Aceelerator pipe and Moose ingnition box and jet kit on the 700 and it flat out hauls ass.. way faster than the 450, it is stock.
  3. kenny168

    KFX700 Not running right, unless the choke is on, help please

    Its probably bad gas.
  4. kenny168

    Kawasaki kfx450

    anyone with a kfx450 with some hours on it tell me what they think of it?
  5. kenny168

    Problems Starting a 08 CRF150R

    45 pilot 2.5turns out on the fuel screw 1-3 kicks is all ours takes.
  6. kenny168

    2008 crf150 and 2007 crf150 any difference ?

    Bng And Jetting Thats It.
  7. kenny168

    shell rottela t 15w40, blue bottle

    I run Rotella in all my bikes 15-40 in the white jug no problems and holds up better than some of the other motorcycle oils.Just got a 07 HARLEY STREET GLIDE and in the manuel it states if you need to add oil and dont have HARLEY oil to add diesel oil till you can get it changed.
  8. kenny168

    Recall Notice + Reimbursement Offer Came Today

    just glad to see Honda step up and fix the problem!
  9. kenny168

    Recall confusion again

    thats what i was told by my dealer HONDA is going to fix the problem.
  10. kenny168

    difference in 96 and 97 yz250

    ok thanks
  11. kenny168

    difference in 96 and 97 yz250

    kickstarter and a gasket on the cylinder a kn airfilter motosport shows it fits 97 to 06 will that fit a 96?
  12. Does anyone know if there is a difference in these two models i have a 96 yz250 and need to order parts from bikebandit .com and they dont list a 96 only a 97 engine parts is what im looking at? any help.
  13. kenny168

    Please Help, Is My KX450F's Motor Fried

    take it to a good dealer and have a mechanic look at for your piece of mind.better safe than sorry
  14. kenny168

    Rotella's NEW Triple Protection 15W-40

    WELL SAID if you dont like ROTELLA dont run it.
  15. kenny168

    favorite motor oil

    Rotella 15 40