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  1. Crappy pic, took it with my phone...
  2. That would be my opinion too. Or 30. The cases looks like theyve been ridden only few hours, but...
  3. Keep posting em!
  4. Waking up an old thread!
  5. You can use them! I`ve used a cylinder head gasket that was runned maybe two or three hours, and still worked fine, no leaks! What measurements u will check?
  6. If the bike is ridden many hours, u should put ne clutch in! Meaning springs and both of the plates. You will find neutral easier and clutch works like new! Just putted on my 04 the other day.
  7. Yep! change the gasket, if it does the same thing again!
  8. Sweatshop Union- Radio Edit
  9. Thats a sweeeeet Jawa!
  11. U r not going in to moon with those! Suomeksi, ei noilla viä kuuhun mennä!
  12. Well, dont start to cry next time like a little girl, because you are going DOWN! OLD PHOTO
  13. I had to read your post like ten tiems before i got it! Well, im not too good at maths.