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  1. Thanks guys, I'm looking at possibly buying a 2005 KX250 next weekend & I'm trying to read up on one as much as I can before I get it. I've never owned a Kawasaki before but I'm tired of looking at my blown up YZ450F sitting in the garage collecting I l think the 05-07 KX's look like a good bike.
  2. Iv'e been into motorcycles since 1978 & have never heard of the term "air gap" What is it?? Is it the plug gap? Or something specific to the KX250?
  3. 32:1 through a PROPERLY jetted carb has worked for me since 1978.
  4. Motocross

    You have to remember who's rule we are talking about...the AMA's! Since when do they do anything by the book?
  5. Ok, I have ordered the R&D fuel screw, JD jet kit, Precision Concepts block off kits & a Vance & Hines XCR slip on muffler. As soon as I install everything I'll post a few pics
  6. Thanks for the info. I managed to slide a mirror under the carb & the fuel screw is d-shaped. I trying to decide what brand of slip-on muffler to buy...& along with the correct jets & needle this bike is gonna make me even happier.
  7. I finally got to ride it yesterday & I'm really surprised how much power it makes in stock form. Coming off an 06 YZ450 I was worried a little that I would be disappointed but I haven't had this much fun on a bike in a long time. I do have one do you adjust the fuel screw on this bike? I looked under the carb & I don't see how you would adjust it with a small screwdriver...the end is just flat & has no slot for a screwdriver. I really need to adjust it richer because the bike is REALLY lean down low & will not idle without the choke on until it's completly warmed have to constantly blip the throttle or it will die. I do plan on unplugging the bike someday with a jet kit & pipe but for now I would love to know how to adjust the fuel screw.
  8. I agree....I've owned bikes that never gave a problem yet my friends identical bike (04 YZ450F) blew up twice on should have seen him service an air filter:shocked: I think all the current bikes are awesome & if maintained properly will give you years of fun.
  9. I guess it's fair to say that you really can't believe everything you read on here...have you owned a newer YZ250? Then I guess you can't talk them down either...right? I'm just saying......
  10. Personally, I feel that the 02-07 are worse than the 00-01 CR's. The only reason is that the last generation motor with it's electrically operated power valve can't compare to the motors Honda used from 92-01. My friend has an 06 with a Pro Circuit pipe & aftermarket reeds & it still isn't as fast as my old 96 CR or my stock 06 YZ250. On the plus side, the newer generation CR's are lighter, handle better, look sweet & are dead reliable. The bikes bog really easy, then make good midrange power then flatten out sooner than the old motors & that's with properly adjusted power valve cables. That's what I felt when I rode his 06 which hasn't had any mechanical issues in the past 5 years. BTW, the 05-07 made better power than the 02-04 models because of porting & crankcase dimensions (this is a case reed engine). The 05-07 are identical except for graphics.
  11. Ok, you will have to eventually replace fuel pumps, sensors & injectors at some point won't you? Or do I have to write this in crayon so you'll understand?
  12. Umm, yeah it is! I haven't had to touch my carb since 2006 when I upped the pilot jet when the bike was brand new. I'm guessing that you think an EFI system will be as trouble free as my FCR carb has been for 5 years..could be but carb's are simpler to work on than an EFI system so that's an advantage in my mind.
  13. Exactly what I was thinking. You wouldn't believe what a pain in the ass it is to get the air boot connected to the back of the carb on my 06 YZ450...& it has one of the thinner frame spars of all the aluminum framed bikes. Not user friendly at all, plus I have my carb dialed in & can work on it without a laptop.
  14. Four strokes are like a maintenance free battery...they work great right up to the day they quit. A compression test is a good idea. I've seen a properly maintained 450 start the day out fine then loose the big end bearing without warning. I had my 06 YZ450F rebuilt at 100 hrs without having a single problem so now I'm good for another 100 hrs but that was with me maintaining & riding the bike...everybody's different.
  15. Fixed it! Pilot jet was plugged....even after draining the tank & carb back in march. I think I'll keep some fresh gas on hand & fire it up during the summer months just to keep things happy. Compression is back nice & strong too. Looks like my bike doesn't like to sit in the garage 7 months waiting for me to ride it.