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    Riding my YFZ450 and RM 125 dirtbike
  1. YFZcrazy_06

    Looking for an exhaust.

    now i got my ming on an hmf, do yall know a good web site to get them fairly cheap.im thinking a full system posibly.thanks
  2. YFZcrazy_06

    Looking for an exhaust.

    thanks for the info
  3. YFZcrazy_06

    Looking for an exhaust.

    Which hmf was it.and what did it come with
  4. YFZcrazy_06

    Yamaha Looking for an exhaust.

    I am lookin for a exhaust for my 05 YFZ 450. ok now im thinkin about getting a hmf, so do yall know of any web sites that they sell them fairly cheap.if i am to get a quiet core with a full system will i be able to take out the quiet core and put it back in.