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  1. Suzuki

    I never did get that dang spacer out... I've tried everything that I can think of, but with no luck. How has anyone out there gotten it out? Also, where specifically is the carb slide and what do I have to do to remove it? Thanks again!
  2. Suzuki

    I took off the exhaust last night and noticed what I perceived as the washer in the head??? I tried to gently remove it but it is made of a soft metal and part of it broke off. Before I went any further I wanted to make sure that it was the correct piece. Is that the restrictor??? Any tips to get it out? I'll try starting it up tonight to get it warm and then try again.
  3. Suzuki

    Thank you for the responses. I'll tear into it tonight.
  4. Suzuki

    I recently bought my 6 year old daughter an 06 LTZ 50. She is doing great and already easily keeps up with both of her brothers (KX 65 and Jr 50). The problem is the LTZ 50 is fouling the plug and overall seems to be bottled up. The exhaust is also extremely sooty. Secondly, when riding in the sand she needs a little more power. I have cleaned the spark arrestor and removed the end baffle from the exhaust, but I have heard of a second restrictor in the carb or exhaust??? Does anyone know specifically where that restrictor is? Any other (inexpensive) mods or tricks that may help it run better and with more power? I tried searching for it but didn't come up with anything... Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm looking at the either the 450X or 450/525XC. I'm still looking. So far I've been to two different KTM dealers and they have both pushed the 450 for it's handling characteristics. I'm 225 lbs and was considering the 525 as I ride in some sand as well as trails. At my mediocre riding ability, I'm thinking that I wouldn't be able to tell that much of a difference in handling between the 450and 525 handling anyway. Is the 525 a better bike for a bigger, mediocre rider??? On the other side of things, how does the 450X handling compare to the 525XC?
  6. Does anyone happen to know the amount of torque on the 450XC and 525XC???
  7. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. This site is a great place to get info on almost any bike and has already helped me properly re-jet my DRZ400. As for a 450, I'm leaning towards the X, although I haven't ridden either yet. Either bike should be a step up from my DRZ400 though! And for the record, I can ride any bike to it's fullest potential (in a straight line anyway)!
  8. Just curious, which bike is faster with the opened intake, jetting, wire mods, the Honda or Yamaha?