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  1. npm

    DRZ400 weight loss

    It was very informative, thanks
  2. npm

    DRZ400 weight loss

    I like my DRZ for what it is. I thought with suspension, gearing, and some other mods I could make it into a decent trail bike but no matter how much you lighten it you still have to fight that heavy tall motor with it's weight up high. I use it now for true DS and some easy trail work. I had to give up and admit I needed two bikes to make for happy riding. My TE 150 is so much more fun in the tight woods around here.
  3. npm

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    My foot is a 9, didn't need the lever longer, just higher. I put on a set of Pivot Pegs, problem solved. They tilt far enough forward it lowers the front of your boot and lets it under the lever. Only drawback is the cost, worth it to me but probably not everybody.
  4. npm

    Bike splutters when hot

    Another possibility is gas in the oil from a leaking petcock.
  5. npm

    DRZ400S randomly shuts off at a stop..

    Idle speed set too low? This motor likes to idle a bit higher than other motors with longer stroke. I set mine between 1600 and 1800 rpm, closer to 1800.
  6. npm

    Suzuki drz s 400...

    OP has an S model most likely with the Mikuni carb. You've posted jetting for the FCR carb.
  7. npm

    06 DRZ SM cracked subframe bike for sale

    I don't know where you live but that price is ridiculous for one with a salvage title. I don't know how to find out why it was totaled but I would keep looking and saving money for a better bike.
  8. npm

    06 DRZ SM cracked subframe bike for sale

    Something doesn't add up here. How much is the asking price? As said previously, a cracked sub frame isn't the reason it was totaled.
  9. So after searching the net for awhile I think I'll try a 128 or 132 MJ, drill the starter jet to .018, and put the clip down one to the third notch. I'll leave the 40 PJ for now and set the fuel screw at 2 turns out. I've also read about changing the cam timing and adjusting/removing the ACR, anybody have any thoughts on that?
  10. I'm trying to help a friend get the jetting sorted on his KLX 250 S. The symptoms are very hard to start cold and hanging idle. From his notes it currently has the following set up: #125 main, NITC needle, clip 2, 40 pilot, not sure on the air screw but my guess would be 1.5 turns out. He also has the 300 header, Muzzi exhaust, bigger snorkel, and cat removed. My guess is I need to richen the jetting a bit. I was going to bump the pilot to the next size and drop the clip to the third notch but thought I would check in here first to see what other opinions I could get. Thanks for any help.
  11. Does the UK require power restrictions for young or new riders? If so maybe this one hasn't been opened up.
  12. No expert but that cylinder looks too far gone to save to me. From the pics of the head in your other thread it looks like the valves hit the piston. If so I would send the head out and have it rebuilt, no need to build it all back up, have it fail and ruin all the new parts you will put in it.
  13. npm

    Gas in oil ?

    Do you have an opinion on Seafoam as compared to Startron?
  14. npm

    Gas in oil ?

    I try and run non ethanol gas in all my small motors if possible. Does cost more but I don't use the DRZ as a daily commuter.
  15. npm

    2017 2 stroke idler gear snapped

    Did they?