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  1. Homemade tool holder? Evap canister for a CA model (wouldn't know I've never seen one)? Where does what looks like a hose at the front of it go?
  2. Is the shift lever set too high? I rotated mine on the splines to get the tip higher for my boot to get under it easier and it ended up hitting the case and wouldn't up shift until I rotated it back down a bit.
  3. I went to the auto parts store and bought a blister pack of vinyl caps of various sizes for a few bucks. One of them will be the right size. Use one that fits snug or add a zip tie to make sure it won't come off.
  4. IMHO any good quality oring chain will work well
  5. I was excited when I first started reading, stopped reading at catalytic converter.........
  6. The aftermarket headers that add power are bigger in diameter for more airflow so yes for added power you should get a full system.
  7. Tape off the top of the air box back to the original size until your jet kit gets there if you want to ride it now.
  8. OP has 2 posts and hasn't visited since the day after this thread was started so you might not get a reply..
  9. After riding Saturday the 37.5 PJ was a lot better, especially after I opened the air screw another half turn. Will put the 35 in and I think I'll be there. Man I just love this little motor.
  10. Look at the squish measurement instructions on RB Designs website, its really informative. Yep just looked it up and my previous thought was way wrong.
  11. Obviously I need to look up what squish is. Can't do it until tonight, going riding in an hour.
  12. I didn't think to measure the RKT insert (rookie mistake), I'll pop the head next time I have the plastic off.
  13. Thanks for that reply. I was at 37.5 on the pilot and the plug looked a bit rich but not terrible with the stock head so I'll try going down to that again. If that works I'll try going up on the clip until it gets too rich again.
  14. Still have a bit of miss at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle after installing the RKT insert. Originally I had it leaned down with the stock head and fattened it up when I put the RKT head on (after reading what is posted for the RKT insert). I ran it for a couple hours with the settings as listed below but with the clip at the 3rd position and no work on the slide notch. When I pulled the plug it was oily black and there was a lot of spooge compared to the stock head and lean settings. Current settings: Mikuni with 43-74 clip 2 (I tired clip 3 at first but was worse at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle) PJ=40, NJ=S1, Air screw=1.5 turns, and MJ=490, slide notch filed out to ~ 5, yellow PV spring 1.5 turns from flush (need to play with this a bit before more changes). The air screw works as I think it should, that is if I turn it in all the way the motor dies so this suggests my PJ is pretty close? I'm old so I don't ride up high in the rpm range too much, tight woods mostly between 1700 and 3500 feet, 50-60 degrees, 93 non alcohol mixed at 50:1, . I'm thinking I need to play some with the NJ and the needle at this point? Any suggestions to clean up the 1/4 - 1/2 throttle settings? By the way, I love the RKT insert for $150, works as advertised.
  15. Good for you. You can check mileage later when the fun of the new carb wears off a bit.