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  1. npm

    A lot of misinformation about jetting

    FWIW I liked the 25 PJ with the stock air screw. After the Keintech extended screw I like the 22.5 PJ. I have the FCR now and It's a much better set up for what I want out of the motor
  2. npm

    Where is the horn on a exc 300 !

    I was going to LOL until I saw your location. Do they comes with horns in the UK?
  3. npm

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    With the stock head my e starter would spin well but not start my 17 150 cold so I got used to kicking it when cold and using the e starter after that. With the RK head it will now start pretty easily when cold with the e starter but I still kick it most times out of habit. The RK head also made cold kick starting easier, 1 or 2 kicks now instead of 4 or 5 with the stock head. Never had a problem with either head e starting in gear and clutch in when warmed up. I should probably mention my first e starter failed before 1 hour and was replaced under warranty. Maybe there was an upgrade between the two that I don't know about.
  4. npm

    Lets see... your front fender upgrades

    I thought so, very nice,
  5. npm

    Lets see... your front fender upgrades

    Is that a stock tank?
  6. npm

    What is my bike worth......pics

    Thought the same thing, nothing says "rev limiter" like a paddle tire.
  7. npm

    Getting 35miles per 2.6gallon tank???

    Nice bike Dog
  8. To add more info: Motor is stock except for RK head and VForce reeds. The 17 150's came with the jetting way off (unridable almost) and it was a bit of work to get it acceptable, not good but acceptable. I had to lean everything down, MJ, PJ, and leaner needle (I also set the float height at the same time). After putting the RK head on it I rejetted and I was able to get it dialed in quickly by changing the needle back to stock (clip 2 down), bigger PJ (35 was at 32.5) and install the biggest MJ that came with the bike (490). I run the yellow spring with the PV in 2-2/12 turns from flush with the case. 50:1 premix with super non-alcohol gas. Now it rips! The motor pulls clean and hard from idle to the top with minimal spooge. No bogging anywhere in the rpm range. This is the head that should have been stock, it makes it seem like a whole different bike it pulls so well down low. I'll probably fuss with it a bit as the weather cools but it won't take much. I'm mostly a single track rider at 1800-3000 ASL and don't run super high rpm's for the most part, if you are running at high rpm's or heavy load (sand) you may need to have a richer needle and MJ setting.
  9. npm

    Tail light but no brake light

    I wouldn't LOL if I hadn't done the same thing a number of years ago.
  10. I really like how it works on my 17 TE150.
  11. npm

    Moving Battery Location

    Not very practicle but you could break out the individual cells and put them here and there wherever they might fit. Kind of a wiring nightmare but if you prefer looks over function it might be a good way to hide a battery.
  12. npm

    DRZ400 weight loss

    It was very informative, thanks
  13. npm

    DRZ400 weight loss

    I like my DRZ for what it is. I thought with suspension, gearing, and some other mods I could make it into a decent trail bike but no matter how much you lighten it you still have to fight that heavy tall motor with it's weight up high. I use it now for true DS and some easy trail work. I had to give up and admit I needed two bikes to make for happy riding. My TE 150 is so much more fun in the tight woods around here.