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  1. rocket95955

    Need Ideas

    Having problem with my 06 250F Im 165 lbs and ride hare scrambles.I cannot get my bike to settle into any turn with ruts or berms it acts like it picks up the front wheel right out of the rut or berm and wants to stand up.front fork settings stock springs and oil level comp 16 rebound17 rear shock 3-1/2 inches sag 2 turns hi speed comp 17 low speed comp and 18 reb.Have tried adjusting up and down on clickers and it doesnt seem to make much difference.Possibly need spring change?Also seems ha rsh in smaller bumps and choppy parts of track
  2. rocket95955

    First Race Yesterday

    I had the same problem with mine -I moved the shifter up 2 splines on the shaft and it really helped. The only drawback is you have to lift your foot more to down shift.
  3. rocket95955


    according to team green specs fork-4.2N/mm springs (optional light)360cc oil level 5wt oil reb 12 cicks out from fully seated comp 8-12 clicks out from fully seated shock-48N/mmspring (optional xtra light)sag 102-105mm reb 12 clicks out low speed comp 6-10 clicks out high speed comp1-1.5 turns out from fully seated
  4. rocket95955

    Top clicker COMP or Rebound

    The INSIDE TEAM GREEN MAGAZINE I got in the mail has a complete suspension setting chart by rider weight on page 28.Very informative.
  5. rocket95955


    I have the MAIER manufacturing hand guards on my 06. They fit well were easy to install and I crashed hard on them last weekend and they came out of it looking like new.
  6. rocket95955

    Fuel screw/Routing of the hose

    I routed mine up over and between the carb and air box and back down thru the area where the carb vents are located at the rear of the engine it seems to work well and leaves enough room to adjust the fuel screw.
  7. rocket95955

    New Kx 250 F Coolant Problem

    Bought a brand new 2006 KX250F it gets very hot very quickly and pushes coolant out the overflow.I am planning on swithching to WATER WETTER OR ENGINE ICE. Does anybody know where to get a higher pressure radiator cap for it.Any other ideas or hints? Thanks for any help.