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  1. need help very quick....help
  2. i thought it was quite similar to an extreme anybody else thanks
  3. I cant tell what motor it is I THINK ITS A LONCIN BUT I AM NOT SURE the bike is a http://store.pocketbikewholesalers.com/db125al.html here are the pics thanks for the help
  4. i dont know what cam will fit my motor it a loncin thanks
  5. hondatrailbikes.com
  6. What's In My Cart? AFT 24mm and 26mm Performance Carb Jet Kit $15.00 AFT 26mm Performance Carb Kit $168.00 TB 131cc High Compression Piston Kit $69.00 TB 54mm Head Gasket Kit $10.00 TB High Volume Oil Pump $25.00 TB MX Performance CDI - All Models - Red $35.00 do you think these are good modifications to my china motor how much power increase do you think i should see thanks
  7. any body got any of these items for sale thanks
  8. need a 24mm or 26mm carb with intake manifold used or new need a big bore pipe used or new need a fox air shock used thanks for the help